Don't Assume Failure As a Misfortune But Your Avaluable Lesson and Best Teacher

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Of course all of us have failed. If you have ever tried to do something in your life and that is something new to you in the sense that you have just done it, and the result is that you failed. How do you turn that into things awesome (success) in your trading? One thing you must remember is that you cannot be discouraged and disappointed. You must make your failure a valuable lesson and your best teacher. You learn from failure so you can rise from adversity.


You have passion and also have an amazing life experience. Maybe you have had a lot of failures and maybe some of you have come to doubt (between going back and forth) about your own beliefs to achieve what you want in your life. In your heart, you always wonder "Can I? Do I succeed? "Looks like I am no longer able to face this failure".


Here, I want to discuss things or some points about failure that I want to share with you. I have been fully concentrated for 4 days compiling this post, hopefully it can be something useful for you. At least if there are people who are greatly helped by this post, of course it will make me feel happy and happy because my hard work is not in vain.

1) Failure will create new choices

Maybe you can't absorb the lessons well from your failures, but still, it is something that is priceless for you. The failure is also the right moment where you can reflect on your initial goals, look around you and decide why you should not stop because of that failure. You have not failed when you have not stopped, just the opposite, you will fail when you stop trying to achieve what you want.

2) The failure to bring you to a new road that has not been found before

A new door will open for you, your relationship with a few people might will stronger, on the contrary, maybe your relationship with some other people will be tenuous because you failed. This can be said to be the most valuable part of your failure.

3) Failure to train you patience

If you are a person who is emotional fast, especially when you experience failure, it is one thing that is very natural for a human. I think almost everyone feels frustration or anger when facing failure. But the important point is not to harbor your resentment or anger for that failure.

Another important point that must be noted is that you do not try to find things for you to make an excuse for your failure. Like, I did not get the support of my parents, my spouse, my relatives, this was because I did not have enough capital, I did not have a personal vehicle for my mobility, I was indeed born of a small mental family, etc.

Please note, once just you make these things as an excuse for your failure, then that will be inside you. You will bring that reason wherever you go so that in the end, you will poison yourself.

You may vent your emotions, hatred and anger, of course within reasonable limits. Maybe you want to vent it by crying, then cry. Maybe you want to vent it by going to a cafe for karaoke, go to the cafe. But it's enough to get there. You must remember that a very bright future is still waiting for you. So, therefore, get up and reach the goals that you want in your life.

4) Failure makes you more creative

Who wants failure? Of course all of us don't want to fail. But if you never expect to experience failure, your mind is not stimulated to develop. Because your failure will encourage you to be more creative.

In this case, try to recall your childhood or you can also see your own child or small children around you. They are never afraid to make mistakes or fail. They do everything they want to do without thinking of the risks. Sometimes they fall but in an instant they get up and run again. They sometimes find a dead end when doing a game but they don't stop, they try to find new solutions. As a result their minds are so creative. We can all model their pure thoughts that have not been contaminated by the surrounding environment.

5) Failure will make your potential more optimal

Of course, you have a teacher in your life or boss for them (company employees). I believe that a good teacher or boss will lead you to take risks. They have a belief that a conservative mind will not make their potential come out optimally.

The more often you fail, your brain will be increasingly trained to deal with problems and how to find a way out.

I believe that everyone has enormous potential with their own uniqueness. You can know the awesomeness of the potential that you have only with the courage to face a problem, there is no other way.

6) Failure will make you stronger

You should be grateful when you experience failure. Because with these failures, you are actually being prepared for greater success. You will become stronger than before.

For comparison, you can see an illustration this following:


Do you know about Chinese bamboo trees? If you belong to someone who can't wait for plant growth, maybe the bamboo tree has become your victim. Chinese bamboo trees will not show significant growth during the first 5 years, maybe only grow a few tens of cm. But after that time, the growth of Chinese bamboo trees could not be dammed, he grew so fast and the size was no longer tens of cm but meters.[Source]

Do you know? What exactly happened to the Chinese bamboo tree? During the first 5 years, it is not not experiencing growth, but indeed we do not see its growth with the naked eye. Because during the first 5 years, the focus of the growth of Chinese bamboo trees is on the roots, not on the stems. Chinese bamboo trees are preparing strong foundations so that they can support their height by tens of meters.[Source]

Imagine what happens if a Chinese bamboo tree doesn't have roots that are strong enough to sustain its height? Just a little wind will make it fall.

If you often experience failure and feel that you are far from the success you dreamed of, that does not mean you have not experienced development. Instead you are experiencing tremendous growth within you. Your mentality is being forged and prepared for your success. It's the same as the Chinese bamboo tree.

If you only expect an instant result, whatever it is, your destiny will be like a bamboo tree that has no strong roots. Just shake a little, you will fall.

So once again, if you want to success, be thankful for all your failures, because you will get the most powerful power because of your failure.

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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I just feel weird, why I fail(gagal) continuously with different things.

One of them in managing the Aurora blog

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i totally agree. failure is a part of success 👍

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