Drink Coffee with eSteem Curators and Musing Users| It's Very Fun

3년 전

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Today, I met with one of the curators of esteem, @owner99. He is a person who is consistent and has high commitment. Consistency and commitment and have principles to arrive at a vision. That's I admire from him.

He is a person who is very consistent in everything, not just in eSteem. It can be said that all activities and businesses he done succeed. This is none other because he has principles, commitment, and consistency in running it. Even in the world of Marketing and Multi-Level, he is classified as a person who successfully runs the business.

In him, there is a spirit and a high willingness to do something until it is successful as expected. Willingness and passion as possessed by him (@owner99) do not have by everyone. Sometimes some people, at the beginning were so enthusiastic about doing something, but in the middle of the road that was stopped, which ended up not working, ended in the middle of the road and ended in vain.

He also doesn't get bored quickly. He continues to think of strategies and solutions to quickly achieve success in what he aspires to. A man like @owner99 should be you make him as your role model and example in doing and running a business.

Growing a consistent attitude and high commitment in a job is not an easy thing that can be done by everyone. It requires process and high patience, responsiveness and quickly finds strategies and solutions when facing obstacles.

Enthusiastic, the commitment and consistency in doing the work is very visible, and that is evident from what is currently he got at eSteem.

Consistent and enthusiastic not only doing tasks as a moderator and curator of esteem, but he is also quite consistent in teaching others. One of them is as I saw it tonight, when I sat drinking coffee with him, he also spoke to teach musing.io users, @peyit. @peyit is also one of the steemit users who never introduced it, but he was only introduced by @owner99.

@peyit is a man who is consistent in answering questions raised in musio.io. The man who is one of the men who was involved in forex. And now he is invited by @owner99 and taught by @owner99 to be actively involved in answering questions in musing.io.

It's very nice to meet those who have the same attitude of enthusiasm and commitment in doing a job. Besides that, @peyit is a new person in steemit, and @ owner99 talks a lot about esteem and steemit, as well as musing.io.

A meeting like this is also an important moment to discuss and talk about steem and esteem or other platforms that are empowered by Steem Blockchain.

Even though this is only a meeting, it's limited to drinking coffee and having casual chat. But we also use this to discuss and discuss about esteem, steemit, musing.io and others related to blockchain steem. although not a formal meeting, it is enough to be used as a media to share experiences. it's very fun.

Thanks For Your Time

Best Regards, @ijoel

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