Freedom Is A Great Advantage For University Students

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Hello Everyone

How are you, friends?

I wish you all in good health, and all the activities went well as usual. In this post, I want to recall the good times when we were still studying at a college or university.

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A question arises when I set foot on the campus page where I study. The question is:

"Is the freedom a great advantage when being a student of a university?"
Being a student at a university has a great advantage. I just realized that the students who study at university at any stage have a big advantage.
Well, what's a great advantage become a student of a university?

Here I will try to discuss the advantages of being a student at a certain university. Of course, studying at a university is very much different from studying in Senior High School. Well, the greatest advantage of being a student at a college is "freedom".

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Why is "the freedom"?

When we become a student at a certain university, then at that moment we are given the freedom to manage your own life. Especially for us who live far away from parents, we have the freedom and full responsibility to manage your money, time, and your own life. Sometimes this freedom is very scary but if we get through it, then we will become an adult and independent individual. It is a great maturity process for us.

Another thing that is very valuable when we become students is that we are free to learn everything we love. Because it is very important for us to find the interest and field of study what we like before we enroll as a student.

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If we really like a field of our study, then we will love to be students because we are very much enjoying it. On campus, every day will look for the first beautiful or treasure (science) with great fun. Knowing a new thing that we ourselves can not imagine and never thought of us before.

Freedom like this may stop and disappear when we are already working, because when we work for a particular company, we may get the job of a leader such as an administrative task and others. And that will keep us busy working and focus on the work our superiors charge or leader.

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Nah, bagaimana manfaat dan keuntungan menjadi mahasiswa eSteem University?

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Although in college, some of the students get the freedom and money, and others only get the freedom but do not get the money. In eSteem University, you will gain the freedom to learn to improve your writing or blogging skills. You are free to study anytime and anywhere online classroom organized by teachers esteem university. Besides you get the freedom to learn, your post will also get an interesting upvote if you are able to realize the science of authorship that you get from studying through the online class of eSteem University.

So, freedom when studying at university is a wonderful time that you will not get when you no longer study (already working).

Don't miss this beauty, let's change the world for the better with eSteem and eSteem University.

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The Best Regards, @ijoel

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