Happy Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1440 H and Some Miracles Ever Happened at 10 Muharram You Must Know

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It does not feel as time goes that we are today in the month of Muharram. Today (Tuesday, 11/09/2019) is the 1st of Muharram 1440 Hijriyah. For Muslims that the month of Muharram is a very noble month, starting this afternoon, in general, all Muslims in the world are no exception Aceh conducts the whole of activities in order to celebrate the Islamic new year 1 Muharram 1440 Hijriyah.


If January 1 is a new year based on the calendar commemorated by all humanity in the whole of this world, then Muharram is designated as the new Islamic year based on the Islamic calendar. This holy month (Muharram) is only commemorated and celebrated by Muslims around the world. Muslims believe that there are many virtues and glories that are contained this month.

Actually, this month has a great history for Islamic travel in the world, precisely at 10 Muharram, which this year falls on September 20, 2019. There are at least 7 major events that occurred on the 10th of Muharram.

Some of Big Events In The History of Islam That Occurred At 10 Muharram

The following are some important events on the 10th of Muharram that I quoted from reliable sources.

1) Acceptance of Prophet Adam's Repentance By God (Allah)

As we all know that Adam was the first human inhabitant of the earth who previously lived in heaven. If the mistake is not done, then we have never been here in this life. Because we are all children of Adam (descendants of Adam).

Because of that mistake, then the prophet Adam and his wife were sent down to earth (expelled from heaven). After sent down to earth, he repented and asked forgiveness from his Lord.


According to many opinions from various Islamic literature that I have read, God accepted his repentance on the 10th of Muharram, and forgiven all his sins.

2) The ship of Noah anchored of on the hill of Zuhdi

Noah and his people who were sent down by the great flood of Allah for their quity where they were infuriating other than Allah, who in the end God sent down a great flood after a long drought. The flood was sent by God to annihilate the people who were ungodly.


The ship made by Noah, after sailing on the flood was revealed by God, the ship of Noah was anchored in the hill of Zuhdi. This event also happened at 10 Muharram.

3) Prophet Ibrahim survived the fire of King Namrud


Another great event that occurred in the 10th Muharram is the salvation of Prophet Ibrahim from King Namrud's fire torture. Where Prophet Ibrahim was punished by King Namrud for destroying the idols that Namrud and his people worshiped. At that time, the Prophet Ibrahim cut off every idol head in the temple with an ax and then hung the ax on the neck of the biggest idol in the temple.

This incident was finally known by King Namrud, who then ordered his soldiers to arrest and punish Prophet Ibrahim by being burned in a fire. One of the miracles God gave to the prophet Ibrahim was that fire could not burn it. And at 10 Muharram it was the biggest event that made the prophet Ibrahim safe from King Namrud's fire. In custom, a person cannot survive the fire unless there is a miracle.

4) The exit of Prophet Yunus from the Fish Stomach safely (still alive)

Narrated, the Prophet Jonah once gave up to advise his disobedient people. Prophet Jonah then wandered and left his people. Once when Prophet Yunus boarded a ship, there was a great storm.

Because of the huge storm, the crew decided to reduce the heavy load so the ship would not sink. They then made a lottery to decide who the passengers of the ship were to be dumped in the middle of the ocean. From a number of draws, it was the name of the Prophet Jonah who always came out. In the sense that Prophet Yunus must be banished in the middle of the sea as an action to unravel the burden of the ship so that the ship does not sink.

In that case, whoever we are, actually doesn't want to sacrifice one of us. The crew of the ship at that time also actually objected to the results of the lottery. However, Prophet Yunus knew and believed that this was the will of God, finally, he was willing to throw himself into a fierce sea that would not have survived in the middle of a fierce sea like that.

When the prophet Yunus was in the midst of the fierce sea, he prayed to his Lord, whose prayer was finally heard by God and then God brought a whale to swallow the prophet.

It is said that the prophet Yunus was in the belly of a whale for 40 days, after 40 days the prophet Noah finally came out of the belly of the fish safely.


The incident also occurred in the month of Muharram, precisely at 10 Muharram. And that is a miraculous event, a great miracle if humans can survive after 40 days in a fish's stomach.

5) The release of Prophet Yusuf from Prison


It is said that the Prophet Yusuf, who was famous for being very handsome, had been imprisoned because he was slandered to commit a disgraceful act (harassment) on Zulaikha. Even though the actual event was the opposite because the one who tempted the prophet Joseph was Zulaikha. Joseph was a prophet (infallible or be spared from sin) in the sense that he could not (impossible) do a harassment acts against Zulaikha. When Zulaikha tempted Yusuf, Yusuf suddenly came a power that seemed as if the Prophet Joseph saw his Father the Prophet Ya'cob biting his finger, it was understood as a power within the self called "Ar-rusydu" (arabic). Because of that strength (ar-rusydu) that Yusuf was not be tempted by the temptation of Zulaikha.

Because of slander and accusations of disgraceful acts, Yusuf was finally imprisoned in an Egyptian prison. But after going through court proceedings and proving long, finally the Prophet Yusuf was proven not guilty and released from prison. This event also occurred at 10 Muharram.

6) Be Heal by God The Ayyub Prophet From Disgusting Skin Diseases

In the history of Islamic travel in the world that the Prophet Ayyub was a prophet who was most patient and obedient to Allah.

His obedience to God was tested with a very difficult trial starting from the test of his property until the test for himself until everyone moved away from him.

[Illustration of the Story of The Prophet Ayyub]

One of the hardest tests he received was a skin disease given to him. At one time he (Ayyub) was given trials by God with disgusting skin diseases. Because of the disease, everyone is owned by the prophet Ayyub one by one leaving it. Including the people always has been helped by him with his generosity.

But because of his excellence and sincerity and his obedience to his Lord, on the 10th of Muharram, God lifted and healed all those disgusting diseases.

7) The splitting of the Red Sea and the salvation of the Prophet Moses and his people from Pharaoh

In the history of the Islamic journey, it was noted that the Prophet Moses was the revolutionary leader of the Israelites who were enslaved by Pharaoh who was in power at that time. The Prophet Moses succeeded in inviting his people to leave Egypt and seek the land that God promised. But unfortunately, Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued the Prophet Moses and his people until one day they were trapped in the red sea.

[Illustration of Prophet Musa Splitting the Red Sea]

With the power and permission of God, the red sea was split by the blow of the rod of Moses so that Moses and his people could cross the red sea.

After the Prophet Moses and his people crossed, the sea then returned to its original state and in the end, Fir'un and his soldiers sank in the base of the red sea.

For that reason (the salvation of the prophet Moses and his people) from the pursuit by Fir'un, the Banu Israel (Jews) were grateful and on the 10th of Muharram they fasted as gratitude on the great event.

Muslims also fasting (recommended for fasting) at 10 Muharram besides they celebrate and welcome the 1st of Muharram as the new year of Islam. Muslims believe that there is a lot of glory and virtue in this holy month.

Actually there were many other events that took place on the 10th of Muharram, and 7 of all the major events that had occurred on 10 Muharram were important events to contemplate, hopefully with that event made us wise and mature human beings in addressing the problems of life.

Reference: [www.muslimedianews.com].

Happy Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1440 H

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