Honesty Is the Key of Happiness of The World and The Hereafter

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Narrated by Habiburrahman El Shirazy in his book "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih" that in the period of the ulema salafush shalih, on the edge of Mecca city, there was a poor man who lived with his family. The man was named "Amin". Although poor, Amin is a kind and honest person.

One day, he looked for food in the kitchen. His stomach felt very hungry, he was looking for something to eat to prop up his stomach. However, it was really unfortunate that he did not get anything. Even bread and salt do not exist. Amin hurried to open the door to leave the house.

"My husband, are you going to leave us starving without food?" Asked his wife while carrying her child who was sick (fever).

"I will go to the Ka'aba for the recitation the prayer there. I will pray that Allah will open the doors of our sustenance," Amin answered softly.

Amin go to the Kaaba


Once there, he do thawaf (surround the Kaaba 7 rounds). Then he prayed two rak'ahs in front of Ibrahim's tomb. After that, Amin prayed and cried in Multazam, which is located between Hajar Asward and the door of the Ka'aba. In his prayer, he asked Allah to be given the ease and happiness of life in the world and the hereafter.

That day, the Grand Mosque was full of pilgrims. As soon as he finished his prayer, praying and praying, Amin set foot towards well of zam-zam for drinking the water. He drank as much as he could, as taught by the Prophet. It is the zam-zam water that has been faithfully filling the hungry stomach. Then, he stepped intending to leave the mosque and go home.

Only a few steps, his feet nudged something. Amin stopped and saw what he had stepped on. Apparently, a bag is green. He squatted to get the bag. After opening, the bag turned out to contain gold dinars which were not small in number. Then, Amin brought the money home with a flowery heart.

Once home, he said to his wife with a happy face, "Look at my wife, what did I get today? Look, I have a bag full of gold dinars!"

"Where did you get that bag of money?" His wife answered immediately.

"I found it in the Grand Mosque," Amin answered.

"Then, quickly put the bag back in its original place. It's not our money. It's someone else's treasure. The person who lost the treasure is now sad. The bag that you found is trustworthy. Come on, hurry up and return it the bag is in its place. We must be honest and trustworthy. It is better for me and my children to starve than to eat sustenance that is not lawful! " Said his wife firmly.

Amin was surprised to hear his wife's words. He gasped for a moment. However, he slowly regained consciousness and felt that what his wife said was true. The bag is not his. It belongs to someone else. He has no right to own it.

"Right! This is a mandate. I must return it to the owner," said his conscience.

Amin, then remembered his name. Ah, my name is Amin. Amin means someone who can be trusted; People who can maintain trust. He must be truly an Amin like the morality of the Prophet. Immediately he immediately walked towards the Grand Mosque.

As soon as he arrived at the mosque, Amin heard a Hajj wearing Ihram clothes, shouted loudly, "O servants of Allah, O pilgrims, O guests of Allah, are there any of you who find my green kanting?"

Amin approached, then asked the person who shouted, "Do you know what the bag contains, Mr. Haji ?.

"Yes, I know, inside the green bag it contains one hundred and fifty dinars," the man answered.

Hearing the answer, Amin was convinced that Pak Haji was the owner of the bag.

He took the bag out of his shirt and gave it to the man while saying, "You're right, take this bag! This is the item you are looking for it. "

Pak Haji received the bag with a bright face. He then counted the contents. It turns out that the contents are still intact, not even one piece is reduced.

After that, Pak Haji invited Amin to sit in a rather quiet place and said, "Brother, this bag is now yours, there is still one more bag containing a thousand dinars for you".
Amin was surprised to hear the man's words.
In a puzzled voice he asked, "How is this? I gave your bag, then you even said it was mine? Even you add one more bag containing a thousand dinars? I don't understand what you mean, Mr. Hajj. "

Pak Haji replied, "This treasure was given to me by a man of faith from Egypt. He left me to put a portion of it in the Grand Mosque. If someone finds out and honestly returns to me, I am told to give all this wealth to him. "
Amin was amazed to hear the old man's words.
Then he asked, "But why did the faithful man from Egypt ask you to do this?"

Pak Haji replied, "He wants his alms to reach the hands of honest and trustworthy people. You have returned the bag with trust. Anyone who can keep the trust, means he can be trusted. Such a person, besides eating, he will also give alms with what is in him. Such a person will not be selfish. Thus, the alms of believing men from Egypt will be accepted by Allah SWT. "

Finally, Pak Haji actually gave two bags of money to a poor man named Amin. With a heart full of gratitude to God, Amin returned home carrying a thousand one hundred fifty dinars of gold. He handed the money to his beloved wife while explaining the story.

"Now, now, this money is lawful for us. Come on, we buy food and clothing for our children. They haven't eaten in two days. Don't forget, donate some of that money to people who need it, "said his wife softly.

"I'll do it soon, my wife", answered Amin.
He then rushed out of the house. In his yard, he prostrated gratitude. His forehead immediately touched the ground.

In his prostration, he read prayer beads and prayers, "Alahamdulillah, all praise be to you, O God, who gave me a righteous wife. All praise be to you, O God, who has poured so much sustenance on me. All praise be to you, O God, for all the blessings you have given me. "

After that, Amin went to the market and gave alms to the poor. He was increasingly aware that by abandoning unlawful sustenance, Allah menggatinya with halal sustenance, and far more. Amiin, increasingly convinced of the teachings of the Prophet that honesty is the door to heaven, heaven in the world and in the hereafter.

Based on the story above, honesty will bring happiness. So, therefore, let's make this story a valuable lesson. And let's train ourselves to be honest people.

Source of story: Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, The work of Habiburrahman El Shirazy (Author of the Best Seller Book of Ayat-Ayat Cinta)

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