How Do Indonesian Al-Azhar University Students Disappear Boredom Caused By Lecture Routines

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For students, sometimes college routines make them bored. Therefore, it is not uncommon to make them look for a place with a new atmosphere that is more relaxed and peaceful, either to work on assignments or just talk lightly with their friends.

Places that are their favorites do not always have to be outside campus, some comfortable places are also usually built to facilitate students who want to take a short break from the exhausting and saturating lecture routine.

The same is true for Indonesian students who are studying at Al-Azhar University Indonesia. Not a few of them spend (using free time) to visit some of these places with their own goals.

Some of the favorite places for students Al-Azhar University of Indonesia

1) Independent Library of Al-Azhar Indonesia University

The location of this library is on the ground floor of the Al-Azhar University building in Indonesia. This library has a large enough room and is one of the places frequented by students of Al-Azhar University Indonesia.


Why is this library a favorite place for students, first, because there are many books available in the library, this is their reason to choose to visit this library when they need books and literacy to work on and complete the college assignments burdened by their lecturers? Not only that, but this place is also cool and comfortable so this place is one of the places where students spend their time reading books, doing assignments such as papers, waiting for lectures, and so on.

2) Chinese Cultural Library of Al-Azhar University Indonesia

The second favorite place for students of Al-Azhar University Indonesia is the Chinese Cultural Library of Al-Azhar University in Indonesia, which is a special library of Chinese Literature students.


The location of this Chinese library is on the second floor and in the front of the building. The size of the library room is much smaller than the independent library. Because this is a Chinese library, it's no wonder if you see the available books and the language printed on the computer using Chinese.

Even so, it is possible for students of Al-Azhar Indonesia University from other majors to visit the Chinese library to study.

3) Student discussion room at Al-Azhar University Indonesia

This discussion room has a size that is not too large. This discussion room is located in the basement of one Al-Azhar University building in Indonesia. The main function of this room is as a place or discussion forum for students.


If there are many books available, there are not many books available in this discussion room. Because in this discussion room students can only discuss and speak. Therefore, if you want to do the work and need discussion, students can come to this discussion room.

The library and discussion room become student learning facilities so that the routine of lectures and student assignments can be done to the maximum.

So now, facilitating students with libraries and discussion rooms that are complete and conducive is very important so that students do not feel bored following the lecture routine.

If you look at the design and facilities of the library above, it's no wonder that students become the libraries and discussion rooms as favorite places to visit. Besides that it also makes students feel comfortable and relaxed while in the place. They can spend time studying, completing lecture tasks that are charged to them, and they can also talk with friends and joke to just disappear from the boredom during the lecture process. Likewise, the discussion room that is designed in such a way can be used by students to discuss certain topics and themes.

Therefore, it facilitates universities with interesting, comfortable places able to eliminate the boredom felt by students so that they are motivated to continue to learn and master science and knowledge.

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