How's Affects Free Google Services in Educating Humans Today Be Smarter

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As we know that the biggest company is Google? Don't say googling if you don't recognize Google the best. Google is also one of the best search engines ever.

The advantage of advertising from its search service is Google's mainstay income. From there, this company can change the world by making many services.

For example: GMail offers enormous storage and continues to grow every second, when Yahoo and Hotmail are in a trend of reducing the size of storage to just 5MB.

But when GMail appeared, other email providers also suddenly raised the size of their storage. I am not a Google employee, but I am a commoner from one of the countries with the most slippery and rubbery corruptors in the world.

I, if I am offered to be a Google employee / employee, of course I want, but what can I give? I'm not very programming expert.

He said Google wanted to open a branch in Indonesia. Every time Google issues a new service, I am always amazed and often almost shed tears, because what? Because reading the background and objectives are very touching.

When Google released Google Maps and Google Earth, the world changed. Paper maps become insignificant. Even with Google Street View service, I can travel to countries around the world without shifting from my seat.

Overnight, I could immediately move to America to see life there. Then, directly "Hajj" to Mecca.

Other IT giants also don't want to miss making a Google Maps match. Yahoo made YahooMaps, Microsoft (Bings) made Bingsmap, and so on.

When Google releases Google Docs, I can create office files without having an Office Suite on my computer, I can also post my report there and share it with others.

When Google released Google Reader, I was able to register a good RSS or blog so that it was easy to read.

When Google released Youtube, I could see videos that I didn't find on TV and I could learn directly from people in Germany or in the United States in Audio Visual.

When Google released Google Apps. Now I can make an email with my own domain name but with the GMail email server that I am used to using.

When Google released Google Analytics and Google Webmasters, traffic to my website could be traced and made statistics so it became a decent webmaster.

When Google makes Google Books, I can read some books that are hard to come by. When Google released Android, Apple suddenly felt threatened. For Geography lovers, you can browse the moon on Google Moon, Mars on Google Mars, Ocean on Google Ocean (Google Earth) and sky on Google Sky Map.

I also suddenly become "smart" in foreign languages, can say "Happy Birthday" in various languages ​​by just typing it on Google Translate. Google is a trendsetter in the IT world.

But not everything is a trend because there are still many services that have not been followed by competitors. You can mention other Google services that are very good and free, even open source. Or please see here. Apparently it didn't arrive there. On Google Labs, Google also prepares Google Body (we can explore the human body), Google Public Data (we can find data from various updated sources and also make very good and interesting charts from our own data) and many amazing services being grown there.

There are also some services that are average and even missed. Google+ must compete with Facebook, after previously Google Wave and Google Buzz had to lose. Google Finance is still inferior to Yahoo Finance because of the absence of Indonesian shares. Google Groups, on average lose with Yahoo Groups.

Google Chrome also loses on average with Firefox. Blogspot also loses on average with WordPress. But it can be said, Google does not want to miss its competitors. Not to forget, Google also rewards the country, activities and people who are good and have changed the world with Google Logos, known as Google Doodles.

It seems, with these free Google services, people today must be more qualified than humans before there is Google. So therefore, we can learn from the many features provided by Google such as Google Docs, Google Books, Google Scholar, and Youtube. We can also study Geography, Biology, Finance, Economics, sophisticated Webmasters, budding travelers, and others via Google.

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