Learn To Be A True Man From Bees

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Bees are flying insects that are closely related to wasps and ants, which are known for their role in pollination. Bees are monophyletic genealogies in the Apoidea superfamily and are currently considered a clade, called Anthophila.[Source]

Scientific Classification of Bees

CladeAnthophila [Source]

Bees Family That Recognized In Biological

  1. Andrenidae
  2. Apidae
  3. Colletidae
  4. Halictidae
  5. Megachilidae
  6. Melittidae
  7. Stenotritidae [Source]

All of us already know bees. There are even those of us who have been stung by bees. This small animal can be found on all continents except Antarctica. Although bees are only small animals, there are many things we can take from the bees as life lessons to become true human beings.

Bees' behavior is a reflection of our life as a True Man

1) bees only suck the essence of flowers

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Bees just take the core and leave others that are not their needs. Bees know, what they need is just quintessence, not others.

From the behavior of the bees above, we can make it a valuable lesson that every human being must take something that is good and lawful which is the right and his needs. Because taking the rights of others who are not our rights the law is haram (wrongdoing and sin).

2) bees release (produce) honey

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Honey produced by bees is very beneficial for us. From this we can learn that honey comes from flower essence and is good, so the exit is good. That is, something that is lawful, will produce good and lawful too. Besides that, it gives many benefits to people. We should be people who provide many benefits to others as bees.

3) Bees do not damage other

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Let's look at the bees, wherever he perches, there is no leaf stalk or tree branch broken because of it. This shows that how polite this bee is that in getting along he never hurt anyone and always keeps peace in every atmosphere and condition. Bees always hold the principle of peace in association. The behavior of bees is a lesson for all of us, where we always hang on to the principle of peace and not hurt or disturb others.

4) bees have dignity

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As we know that bees will not disturb others as long as their honor and dignity are respected. However, if his pride has been disturbed and tyrannized, then he will be ready to "sting" anyone who disturbs him. Therefore, every human being must be able to maintain his honor.

Based on the behavior of the bees above, it is fitting for us to learn to be true human beings from bees. Not because the physical and the charm are less attractive, but because of its commitment to behave and act. Humans have the glory than other beings. However, human behavior and honor can be more despicable than animals if the human being has no principles and commitment in his life.

We should have envy to bees, they are only insects (small animals) created by God who has a glory compared to other creatures, and they also have many benefits to humans.

Let's Makes Bees As A Reflection of Our Lives

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