Reflecting on The Meaning of Freedom As a Lifestyle or Way of Life In The Melanial Era

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Understand and Interpret of Freedom With The Wrong Meaning

Starting from ancient times to the present (digital era), everyone wants freedom and carries it as a lifestyle or way of life, both freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom in beliefs, religion, and so forth. But is there "freedom"? and what's the meaning of a freedom?


Mistakes in understanding and interpreting the meaning of freedom can waste our lives. This means that when we are wrong in understanding what is the meaning of freedom, surely our lives (all our age) will pursue things that are useless. As if in our lives, we will only pursue and find something fiction that looks beautiful but has no content.

Remember that we live in this world only once and are not given the opportunity to live a second time if this short life is used and spent only to pursue freedom that is meaningless to our lives, then it will be in vain and really we are a human being who loses.

Theory and Concept

In the concept of political philosophy, "freedom" is generally defined as a condition in which a person has the ability to act according to his wishes.[Source]Wikipedia

In the context of politics, freedom is often associated with freedom and autonomy in the sense that freedom is "giving self the law" by having the rights and freedoms that can be used by someone freely without interference and undue intervention by anyone including the state.[Source]Wikipedia

If freedom is understood as a person's ability to do and act in accordance with his desires without being limited by rules or regulations, this allows a person to act negatively and act dirty and various harmful actions carried out by someone at his desire. Therefore, mistakes in understanding and interpreting freedom will have an impact on a life that is useless and harms oneself and others.

Reflection: How is the Existence of Freedom as a Way of Life or Lifestyle In The Melanial Era?

I assume a life in a city on a day where everyone is free to use any vehicle according to their wishes and desires. But what happened? Road conditions were chaotic because various vehicles were on the highway, even bus, truck, steel tanks that could damage the road and other vehicles were there. Traffic chaos like this can prevent anyone (road users) from going to school, work, and doing activities.

In the above case, if we are free to do anything according to our wishes, then other people are also free to do whatever they want, they can enter our homes, then take food in our homes, use all our things, sleep in our homes, and bathe in our homes whenever and wherever they wish. So what happens? Don't even hope we can go out of the house because there could be some of them blocking the door of our house. And we cannot prohibit it, because everyone is free to do anything according to his will and desires.

Unlimited Freedom Will Disturb the Freedom of Others

When freedom can disrupt and harm and rob others of their rights, then a "rule or regulation" be needed in implementing freedom as a lifestyle or a way of life that aims at every individual must respect and not interfere with the freedom of others.

Well, therefore, it can be said that freedom is not a person's will and absolute desire in living this life in the sense that our freedom must be bound and limited by rules or regulations so that our freedom is not truly free. Our freedom is still limited by the existence of other people's rights.

So freedom must not be interpreted as a condition and ability of a person to be free to act without paying attention to and considering the existence of others, therefore it is a must to respect the existence of others who both want the same freedom as us. In this case, I am of the opinion that freedom without respecting the rights and freedoms of others is wrong and contradicts human rights. I think the freedom to act in accordance with our desires without being limited by others has never existed because surely everyone will overcome their respective freedoms as explained above. In reality there is only freedom that is limited by the freedom of others. So we must understand and interpret that our freedom always has limits and that is the existence of the rights of others who also want to be free.

I think only this is what I can share here as a reflection for us in understanding and interpreting freedom as a way of life or lifestyle. And I also hope we can all implement the freedom that always respects the existence of others.

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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