Review of Kaabil Film: A Love Story of A Blind Lover and What's Lesson Behind Their Love Story

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Hello everyone

On this occasion, I am interested in reviewing the story of lovers who have physical limitations where they cannot see (blind). They believe that blindness is not real darkness. Blindness does not make them weak.

This story is an inspiration from a Bollywood film starring famous Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Yami. The film is titled Kaabil.

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In the film, Hrithik is a young man named Rohan Bhatnagar. He is a handsome and kind man. Yami was cast as Supriya Sharma, she was a beautiful and kind girl.

Finally, they are met, and their love story begins with their meeting in a restaurant. Although at first Supriya refused to get married and Rohan was successfully convinced Supriya.

When couples who have visual impairments (Rohan and Supriya) get married, initially the marriage gives light in their lives. But what a pity their dark world became chaotic when Supriya was raped. They (Rohan and Supriya went to the police station to seek justice for the Supriya rape case. But the police were playing with them. Because the case was not fairly handled by law enforcement officers (police) Rohan finally decided to take revenge.

The love story played by them can be felt by those of us who watch the stable film. Rohan and Supriya (Blind Couples), they lovingly build a beautiful world.

Even though he is blind (Rohan) but he still has a beautiful life. He is a skilled voiceover artist and Supriya is a person who is good at playing piano (talented pianist). Their limitations do not make them weak. They have a positive tendency towards their lives.

If you watch this film, you can feel their love. For example, when they are separated from each other for a few minutes at the mall, you begin to feel anxious. And when this couple enters Mon Amour dance, it looks very magical, you find yourself clapping happily. But whether it's live or a Bollywood thriller, life is definitely not all songs and dances.

When Amit Shellar (Rohit Roy) and his rival Wasim (Sahidur Rahman) raped Supriya, the world of Rohan fell back into the darkness, he was very sad, agitated and devastated because he could not do anything.

Amit (Supriya's rape perpetrator) is the brother of the local corporal, Madhavrao Shellar (Ronit Roy), so that law enforcement (corrupt police officers), are played efficiently by Narendra Jha and Girish Kulkarni, dragging their feet over the investigation.

When insults are too heavy to bear, Supriya must give up by hanging herself in her room, leaving Rohan with a grudge in her mind. Here, the film shifts the gear and even though you know what happens next, the game of cats and mice still gives you an adrenaline boost. Every time a blind conqueror does cruelty, you whistle in the hallway.

The highlight of this film is the performance of Rohan's bravura (Hrithik). He is vulnerable as a lover and threatens as a killing machine. Half-star in the film-rating is provided for the best performance of all time here. Yami provides the perfect, smooth and super effective foil.

In my opinion, this film is technically proficient, thanks to masters like Sudeep Chatterjee (camera) and Resul Pookutty (voice). But the hits by Rajesh Roshan - Saara Zamana and Dil Kya Karen in their remix avatars are pale imitations of the original version.

What is an important lesson from this film? first, we must not underestimate those who have physical limitations As Hrithik Roshan played in the film, he was able to take revenge and kill everyone involved in the rape of his wife. He only uses his voice and traps his enemies.

So, therefore, do not look at those who have physical limitations. But make them as motivation for us who have physical perfection.

Don't Because Physical Limitations Make You Become Weak

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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