Self Motivation : Energy and Strength To Achieve Success

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One word that is common and often we say in everyday life. This word has many meanings. It depends on who and how someone sees a "success". Approximately how you interpret the word "success" is? Is success for you an achievement of an abundance of wealth, material, or money? or is a success a condition where you feel the abundance of knowledge? Certainly in this case we have the definition of success according to personal thoughts of each.

At the beginning of this post I've mentioned several times the word success and wealth, Does by often mentioning and hearing a wealth, mind and spirit you are churning to get it or do you feel motivated to achieve it?

I think and assume that everyone, we want to succeed but not many people have enough motivation to succeed. Everyone is sure to be successful and successful in life.

What exactly is the key to achieve a success?

What exactly are successful people doing and what motivations do they have that they can achieve that success? Have you ever asked and thought like me? I always ask and think of things like that. But actually I do not care what they (successful people) do and I do not care how they do it either. My biggest question is how big motivation do they have to achieve that success?

Why is my greatest question on motivation? Because without motivation, of course they have no power and energy to achieve that success. So, the key to success lies in how big motivation someone in achieves the success.

Because with a strong self-motivation, indirectly you will be able to push yourself to keep trying to get closer to the success that you dream. Self-motivation is very important to achieve success, and it can not be denied again but to cultivate motivation in yourself is not easy because motivation is often influenced by feelings and emotions in yourself.

For example, you can see your motivation while attending a seminar, emotionally going to rise so much that you are very motivated to achieve your dreams, if in one or two months you do not follow the seminar again, then your motivation will drop drastically so that your spirit and motivation to achieve success will decrease.

Similarly, what happens in most steemians and esteemians, motivation and the spirit of blogging (making the content) is reduced so that they feel lazy and no longer eager to work to produce good works and interesting and useful to read. it's all nothing else because the motivation (upvote) is reduced even none at all.

Therefore, the steemians especially esteem users should be able to grow self-motivation to continue to work and write interesting and good work. Motivate yourself to continue to improve the quality of your posts so that your post gets attention. And also motivate yourself to continue to learn how to write good articles that many people love. Currently, you can join eSteem Universty, there you can learn a lot about writing and so forth.

Based on the description above, then clearly that the key to success lies in how much self-motivation to achieve the desired success. Motivation and encouragement from within us will be the power to realize that success.

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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