Simple Tips: How To Identify Hoax By Using Body's Organ and Body's Language

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Recently in the world of politics in Indonesia, the case of hoax (lies) was shocked by an activist named Ratna Sarompaet. The case was uproar and dragged many Indonesian figures involved in it.

But I did not discuss the case of hoax drama (lies) because to me it was a small case or problem dramatized by certain parties.

I saw the enormity of the lie effect so that it caused a difficult polemic to resolve, so on this occasion I was interested in discussing how to find out a lie.

Actually, to judge someone is lying or not, we can pay attention to language. Paying attention to the language used when someone is lying is one way to know someone's behavior whether he is lying or not.

In psychology, humans are creatures that spontaneously emit reactions from their bodies. This cannot be hidden by anyone, even by professional liars. Then why can anyone be a victim of lies?

Maybe psychologically it can be answered because the same level of knowledge is much lower than the culprit, so it will be easy to be deceived.

Friends of eSteem (eSteemian), here I will try to explain the characteristics or signs of someone who is lying (liar), which you can use to find out if your friend or boyfriend is lying to you.

1)Lies can be see from face expression

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Look face expression of someone (boyfriend or friend) who is lying. This will be seen when he seems to turn away the words invited to speak. From there it shows that there is something he is hiding. Usually he prefers to avoid face to face with you when you talk. In this case you only give a simple question to interrogate him. The lie can also be known and found from the story he told. Then when he was talking, he automatically became stressed and nervous. The cheeks will become reddish, and sometimes bite the lips or tongue.

Other characteristics are often take a deep breath when invited to speak. Someone who has this kind of behavior is most easily we recognizable and is still an amateur level liar. Usually this is often done by small children when he feels guilty.

2) Lies can be seen from the eyes

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Eyes can become an indication of when someone is lying. Especially when invited to speak, usually the eyes will always look up or down. If he looks up or down right, the sign he hasn't prepared an alibi or essay to give an answer to your question.

Then, if the eye looks up or down the left, then it indicates that he is under pressure from other people which makes him forced to lie to you. Besides that a quick blink of an eye can also be indicated that he is lying.

However, unlike the case with a top-level liar (professional liar), in fact, he will more look in your eyes to convince you that he is right and what he says is not a lie.

3) Lies can be seen from Body Language

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Tongue or Sayings might be able to lie but the spontaneity of the body will always be honest. You can see the body language of a wild starting from the lips. When he is smiling when you discussing something. It was clearly seen that his smile was like being forced, not spontaneously as usual.

Then, lies can also be seen from how to speak, meaning that if he speaks too fast or too slowly, it indicates that he is lying. Usually, this is accompanied by changes in breath and tone of voice can be heavy or shrill.

Besides that, you can see the movements of the feet and hands that feel weird. When invited to talk intermittently he will wring his hands or stroking his forehead, neck or face. Then observe also the movement of the legs, if it is often straightened or bent it is the natural language of the body when responding to anxiety or worry.

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