Steemit's Social Media Is A New Model of Social Interaction Between Humans In The World Plus Can Produce Income (Steem)

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How Important is Social Interaction For Humans

We are God creatures who can never live without others. In living this life, humans must interact with other humans. This interaction in sociology lessons is called "Social Interaction". We as social beings not only understand the material of social interaction material but we also have to be able to implement it in our social life.


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What is social interaction?
Read carefully, for those of you who are difficult or rather difficult to interact with other people, hopefully, this makes you understand how to interact well with others.


When still studi in school, social interaction is a compulsory material that we must learn in Sociology lessons because it is one of the basic material.

In many sociology textbooks, social interaction is often interpreted as "relationship and reciprocal influence between individuals and other individuals, individuals with groups, and groups with groups". Therefore, social interaction can also be said to be a process of mutual influence on individual actions or groups through symbols and language (communication).

So, simply, social interactions discuss how we interact with others in social life and society. I think the material of social interaction is very important, especially when we interact with other people who are different in culture, ethnicity, religion, and others.

In a literature I have read, explained that "social interaction is a foundation of relationships in the form of actions based on social norms and values that apply and are applied in society".[Wikipedia]

Based on that understanding, it can be understood that we as social beings in building interactions between people are required to pay attention to social norms and values that apply in society. Our social interaction with others will be good if we make social norms and values that apply in society as a basic foundation in every action and behavior us.

To realize good social interaction between us, awareness is needed so that every action and behavior us in accordance with the social norms and values that apply in society. This means that non-compliance with the prevailing social norms and values will destroy our social relations with individuals and group.

The most important in social interaction, we must know and realize that each individual or group has a difference with us, be it a lifestyle, or culture. We must behave so that no one is hurt during the social process by complying with all social norms and values that apply in society.


The social interaction starts with the existence of social contact (communication), therefore social interaction will be a good social relationship if built on good communication. So, in this case, we must use effective communication techniques that can influence our communication and communication actions. For example, don't say words that other people don't like or can hurt a person.


This platform (steemit) or eSteem application can be used as social media, where we can currently build social interactions with all users of this platform from around the world. Social interaction can occur from giving positive comments on other user posts, as well as upvote each other.

Let's use of this great media (steemit) as a medium to interact socially (social interaction) so that it be created good social relationships between all steemit or eSteemian users. Today, can be said that this steemit is a new model of social interaction between humans in the world as well as technology to produce steem (cryptocurrency), so it's no wonder if many investors and great people are interested in steemit.

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