The Effective Methods and Tips To Get Rid of Bad Habits

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We as ordinary human beings, of course, there are bad habits that we often do, such as less drinking water, forgetting breakfast, lazy exercise, or even complaining. Because has often done, so that bad habits be part of a routine that can for done.

However, there are times when we will realize that our lives will be better if we are able to change these bad habits. Therefore, start changing the bad habits that you assume are part of your daily routine.

There are many bad habits that we must change in order to get a good life.

1) More activities on social media like Facebook


Start from now reduce activities on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others by increasing writing on decentralized social media such as steemit, scorum, weku, or multiplying practice meditation.

You often reason to update information, for this reason you often use breaks (your free time) to be active on social media like Facebook. Unfortunately, we tend to be less able to control ourselves and you realize it when you have wasted a lot of time on things that are not important and useless.

Now, now, you should start being wise in using your time. Choose activities that are truly useful, such as rest, study, meditation, or writing on social media that can generate income such as steemit, scorum, weku, and so on.

Rest and meditation are effective ways to restore energy or restore your energy and your concentration. Meanwhile, learning and writing can be an effective way to activate the brain's work system and hone your brain skills.

2) Looking at the problems from the Negative side


Indeed, life is inseparable from problems. The habit of seeing problems from the negative side is not the right way. Therefore, the problem is not seen from the negative side, on the contrary, the problem must be seen from the positive side.

There are times when you feel happy and there are times when you feel sad. In fact, there are certain times when you really "fall" (slump), feel scared and worried. But, isn't what you feel actually centered on your head?

Now, when you experience difficult times in your life, try to always look at the problem from the positive side. Thus, you will find it easier to find a way out and resolve it for the problem you are facing.

Actually, a problem will be a problem if you consider it and see it as a problem. On the contrary, when you consider that problem is not a problem, then it will not be a problem that burdens your life. So, therefore, look at your problem from the positive side.

In this way, you will be able to think with logic and begin to ignore your emotions and egoism. No matter how bad your condition is, remember that there will always be lessons and wisdom that you can take from your problem.

3) Lazy exercise


Sometimes because of busyness and laziness, you forget how good and important exercise is for your health. Feeling young and having a physical that looks strong and healthy, then ignores sports. In fact, exercise has many benefits for your body's health. In addition to improving the immune system, exercise can also reduce weight and maintain body fitness.

So, what's difficult to spend just 30 minutes to exercise every day regularly. So because, leave bad habits such as laziness to exercise, and start exercising with the easiest, and simplest, such as running in the morning or evening. Prepare comfortable and inexpensive running facilities such as running shoes and outfits. Get used to your body to exercise and live healthy from now on.

4) Often consume alcoholic beverages


Of course, you often and a lot consuming drinks alcohol is not good for health. If you are one of those who often drinks alcoholic beverages. So, why don't you just choose to drink water. So from now on reduce and even leave alcohol and replace it with drinking water.


As we already know that multiplying drinking water is very useful to help digestion and control the body's metabolism. Familiarizing yourself to consume water can be started by bringing water bottle every your activity. That way, you will easily remember that your body needs at least 8 glasses of water every day.

5) The desire to shop when hungry


Control yourself when buying snacks (food) by ignoring the desire to buy snacks (food) when the stomach is empty (hungry).

Know that the condition of an empty stomach (hungry) will make it difficult for you to control the desire to eat. This can be a problem if you feel hungry when you go shopping. Hunger makes the mind difficult to focus and tends to follow emotions. As a result, you will not think long to buy foods that are actually not healthy. Instead, shop when your body is fully fit. So therefore make a shopping list according to your needs. Do not be easily tempted to buy something that is not written in the notes. That way, you will only buy healthy foods that are beneficial for your health.

6) A lot of time is wasted


How often do you spend your time just for sleeping in your room, daydreaming, watching TV, or chatting on Facebook? Do you not feel lost when your free time is wasted without just doing useful things?

Therefore, don't waste your time, use your time to read, for example. If your body needs exercise to stay in shape, so does your brain also need to be trained to stay fit.


Well, one way to train brain work is read regularly every day. Because reading makes your brain always work so that the brain's ability will not weaken.

7) Self-deception


Sometimes, you have a hard time saying "no" to things you don't really want. Your reason is simple, you don't want to disappoint or make others feel sad and hurt. But, doesn't that mean you are lying to yourself? Isn't what you say actually doesn't suit your heart? Therefore, stop the habit of lying to yourself, if you do not want to do, say "No".


Even if it's very difficult, you have the right to say what you want. There is no harm in rejecting a friend's request or request when you can't do it. When you feel unable to do the job from your boss, for example you also have the right to refuse.

The method above will free you from the stresses of life and the bad habits you have done so far and free you from the possibilities that can cause stress and major depression.

Don't Be Your Bad Habits As Your Routine

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