The Five Styles and Behaviors of Youth Today That Are Often The Public Spotlight

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It cannot be denied that globalization has had a significant impact on all aspects of human life. It also penetrates the lifestyle and behavior of children (kids now). The behavior of the kids nowadays is far different from the children of old. Starting from the way their appearance and way of thinking has now become the public spotlight. They seem to be easily carried away by the trend for their existence. Their daily lives are far different from young people in the past.

In general, there are 5 differences in lifestyle for kids age now with young people of old. please note, although it's not all is right.

1) School: Have to fight alone


Young people in the past had to think hard about how they could go to school. Because the economic (financial) conditions of most of their parents are insufficient, it is very difficult for them to go to school, access to remote schools, and facilities from the government are limited. Young people in the past had to fight alone to get an education.

However, the kids of today, live in the midst of a much more advanced state and technology, the kids nowadays are lazy to go to school, and often skip school.


Even though their parents were able to finance and facilitate their education, besides that, it was coupled with government policies and programs that provide free school.

2) Dating model and style

[Dating Style Young People In The Past]

As we hear from our parents, where young people in the past, where have dating shyly, using love letters and finally many of them are arranged by parents for marrying. Sunday night, it is not certain to be able to attend the girlfriend's house for a dating.

[Dating Style Young People Now]

But different from children nowadays, small children have dared to date, dating styles like adults. More afraid of boyfriends than parents.

[Dare to show off intimacy in public and social media]

Show off intimacy in public and social media. Pay for all the needs and shop for a girlfriend (sweetheart) using parent's money. Some even dare to have premarital sex until girlfriends get pregnant out of wedlock.

3)The spirit of patriotism


Youth in the past, fought earnestly to fight to free the country from colonialism. Also formulating the future of the nation. The majority of them are actively involved in social activities and movements. Patriotism spirits like that do not exist in young people today.

Today's young people regard nationalism as something boring. More busy hanging out to exist than to defend the country, like to complain and demand a lot on the government, if they participating in nationalism activities only for photos and uploaded to social media (Facebook status updates).

4) Habits at home

Young people in the past, when they were at home, they always helped their parents' homework, took care for their siblings, and read lots of books and diligently worshiped. Such habits are very rarely done by young people today, and it can even be said that most of them spend a lot of time outside the home.


Let alone help the work of parents, cleaning up the room alone is a rare thing and has never even been done. Work at home only plays gadget, watching, sleeping, eating and talking with friends. What's worse, if at home it's no anyone (the house is empty), they bring a girlfriend home to do romance (making love) and sex like a husband and wife.

5) Association

Young people in the past, socializing was not their top priority. They get along specifically to socialize so they have friends and relatives. So there is rarely an young in the past talking to sit in a cafe for hours.


But unlike the case with young people today, they like to go to the mall, and it is mandatory for them. Also included is their obligation to spend a lot of time in the cafe. Today's children also hang out a lot on social media, but when they meet their first friends, it is only to get a good spot for photos and then keep on uploading to social media.

Although there are still many differences between young people today with young people in the past, here I mention the 5 differences above because in my opinion it is often the public spotlight.

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