The Love's Power of A Pair of Sweetheart Which Different Beliefs

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The love story of two human beings with different religius is always interesting to talk about and discuss. As normal people, of course we all have felt how wonderful when we fall in love with someone.

In my series of posts this time, I am interested in writing and discussing the love story between two people who are very different in everything, both their religion and their social status.


These two people are Bunga (not his real name), he is a funny woman born in the midst of a very happy Christian family and a man named Amirul (not his real name), he is a Muslim man born into a family very simple.


When seen in their lives, it is very different, Bunga gets more love from her parents, while Amirul lives like a single person.

They grow and develop together. At their very young age they played together, laughing cheerfully and good friends.

Every day they spending time together, even almost every afternoon they played bicycles together. From the look on their faces without any visible fatigue or even boredom. As time goes by without realizing they grow the seeds of love from their friendship, but because of the many differences between them, they decide to harbor the seeds of their love.


When they were teenagers, the two hearts who loved each other even then had time to separate because they were busy with their respective activities. Because their busyness almost makes each other forget their feelings of love. After years of separation, they met again in a time they never expected. At that time they met at their schoolmate's birthday party when they were still in high school.


Since that meeting, the seeds of love that once disappeared finally grew back (old love blossomed again), even though almost for a long time they parted turns out they were still keeping their love affair.

With their courage they finally decided to unite two hearts who love each other. Even though they know the big risks will await their love relationship.

One belief in their hearts, God will not separate two hearts that love each other. Day after day, week after week, month after month and even year after year they passed with joy.

Sometimes they are happy, sometimes they fight great grief and many other things they go through together.

At the beginning of their love relationship, there arose opposition from their parents, especially Amirul's parents. But they tried to stay afloat in the midst of a big storm that hit their love relationship.

It doesn't feel like they have spent more than 6 years together. In the midst of their relationship which is very beautiful and happy even though it often hurts the feelings of Bunga, even though Amirul never intended to turn away from loving Flowers. Very lucky Amirul got a woman like Bunga, Amirul was well aware that Bunga was a very loyal woman, good-hearted and beautiful.

Even in the last 6 years their love has received a very severe test, Amirul has to accept arranged marriages that are very, don't want. An all-powerful test does not prevent Flowers from being faithful and always there is for Amirul whom he loves so much. Indeed women are noble and endure trials. Even though the possibility of their love to be united is getting smaller, but they still believe in the power of love. The stronger the storm that hits them, the stronger the strength of their love. Could their love be reunited forever? Let God and the time answer him.

Every night when Amirul wakes up in the middle of the night to perform the tahajjud prayer, he always prays (pleading with God Almighty) with a prayer:

"My Lord ... if you allow me to stay with that kind and noble woman, I swear by whatever I will make her always feel happiest in the world by living with me. If you want otherwise, I beg of You, finds a good people who sincerely love her and always make her happy, and let this love last forever in my heart".

Sincerity, sacredness, and seriousness of love make us stronger and mature in addressing this life problem

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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