The Real Happiness That We Want Is Not False Happiness| Where We Can Find The Real Happiness

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Actually is not a failure that makes the end of world for us, but despair that destroys us. This means that failure is not the beginning of our destruction in this world.

Something that is very rare for us to realize is how actually for people who think failure has formed the ability to adapt from failure first and the possibility of future risks that often a problem, becomes a big leap towards other great successes and precisely despair is the beginning of all which make us become decline and destruction.

Of course each of us has his own views about the meaning of happiness. And each of us has a different view of what factors make us happy.

I do not deny that money or property is one of the most influencing factors, it can even be assumed that 90% more people say this factor (money or wealth) is the main cause of happiness.

But not for me, wealth or money is just false happiness. Maybe some people will consider me "hypocritical" but what I need to emphasize is that I have never stated that "money is not the source of my happiness", it's just that I have more happiness and satisfaction when doing some things, I get more happiness and calm when I get the property and goods that I want. In fact we realize that some of us don't get happiness when they have so much wealth or money.

For example, a child who lives with all the advantages of his parents' wealth, but he does not feel the happiness he really needs, because at the same time this child cannot share his joy with his friends, this child must even be limited in his movements due to people's concerns parents who don't make sense and don't necessarily happen, such as: accidents while playing or fear of germs / bacteria outside the home environment. From here it is clear that money is not everything in achieving happiness.

Based on some facts and phenomena that often occur in our social life, I try to find something stronger, something happier than just wealth.

Some of these things are as follows:
1) Grateful


Grateful for the talents given by God ranging from good health, healthy mind, and others. Because the person who knows himself best is the person who is most grateful for God's favor to him. When I can be grateful, then I feel more satisfied and happy because I better recognize who I really am so I can avoid from arrogant.

2) Pray


I pray for the good of my self and the kindness of others. For me, praying for good for myself and the kindness of others makes me happier. And this is one of my caring attitudes for myself and others. Maybe I can't afford to give other people happiness but I can send them a prayer so that their lives are better and happier.

3) Give


My happiness is when I can give, when I can give sincere love to people I love, when I give a little of my possessions to those who need it. At least we can give suggestion and advice to ourselves and the people around us.

4) Forgiving others

In this life, we as humans do not escape mistakes and sins, so forgiving the mistakes of others can make my life happier. Saving grudges will only hurt ourselves. When we can forgive people who have hurt us, that's where happiness we really get.

Happiness is our choice and decision, therefore determine the right choice and make decisions correctly so happiness is ours.

Thak You For Your Time

Best Regards, @ijoel

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