Tips: Building a Harmonious Family by Effective Time and Communication

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We as humans have been in a period of pre-family life, where we were not yet married (single/jomblo). As normal man, of course, we have the attraction (interest) to the opposite sex. Before we had a family (entering domestic life), we often communicate with our spouse (girlfriend).


Some of us are communicating directly (face-to-face communication). Some communicate indirectly, such as communication using information and communication technology, both through telephone, internet, correspondence, and others.


Even we always try as often as possible to meet our girlfriend in the midst of our busyness. The more often we communicate and spend time with our girlfriend, then we will become more familiar with it. We can know the good and bad of our girlfriend through the intensity of communication and the time we often spend together.


However, when we are married we have done a sacred bond called "marriage", these habits may change. Communication between husband and wife is no longer as often as when dating. We also begin to be preoccupied with our work, our children, gadgets, business or maybe our service. So time for couples is very rare. Busyness also keeps us from our families. We no longer have the time to communicate with them.


Though communication is one of the bases for success or failure of a relationship that we build. Of course, when we rarely communicate, there will be many problems that arise. Not a few have experienced disputes due to lack of communication between husband and wife, parents and children, as well as in-laws and daughter-in-law.


Therefore, no matter how busy we are in our daily activities, whether it's work, school or hobbies, we should be able to spend special time always communicating with our families. Do not let our busyness make our distance farther from family.

On the one hand we have to give thanks for our busyness, but on the other hand, we must be able to regulate our busyness, so that we can have better togetherness with our families.

Begin to organize and reorganize time and priorities in our lives. Think about how we can build more togetherness with our families. Togetherness will make the relationship more beautiful, because together, we are providing time, as well as building communication with each other.

Love your family sincerely, and be a good husband for your wife and a good father for your children

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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Children learn through our examples, what they see in us as parents and our couple's dynamism will repeat it when they grow up, the fact that we do not have emotional skills will generate debasing consequences in their behavior. I would like you to take a look to my last publication, maybe you will know a reality that you do not know, greetings