Tips: Keeping Friendship - Friends Are Not The Same As Enemies

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In living this life, we do not want to be alone. We all want to have lots of friends. Having lots of friends is fun. We can share our grief and laughter with our friends. Friends become one of the things that can make people feel a complete and complete life. Because life without friends is nothing. The loneliness of life will only be felt when we go through this life alone without friends.

Swapping stories with friends is one of those moments that make life feel really alive. In addition to the many new things that we can do, we also can laugh off even to giggle when our friends make jokes or their typical jokes.

Well, talk about jokes in the context of friendship to be always intact, there are some things we need to avoid (do not do it to our friends). For the sake of our kindness and friendship and our friends, there are at least some things we should not make it as the jokes material.

Here are some things we need to avoid to our friends

1) The habit of mocking the physical condition of friends with the excessive joke

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It's not wisdom, because it can make your friends feel inferior, even depressed. Physical or physical conditions, sometimes be the most sensitive thing, if we make and use it as a material joke. In addition to unwise, we have insulted our friend physically who has a bad impact, over time our friends can be inferior (not confident) with himself. Although some people are easily offended and end up angry, although that only in the context is joking. However, I guess, we should not do it to our friends. So we as his friends should appreciate his physical even though it's bad and ugly.

Keep in mind that the minder is not a trivial thing that only happened just time that and then just disappears. No, mistrust of self-dwells in man. It takes long time to heal it. If we still love our friends and care about friendship, stop using the physical limitations of our friends as joke materials us.

2) Joking alludes to parental affairs

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In the context of friendship, joking is not a prohibition. But if joking with friends does not overdo it, especially offend the affairs of parents. Because the parents are sacred discussions that we should not make a joke by carrying the parent's name or affairs of them.

I think almost everyone including us as a parent's name was used as a mockery. The more mature, that bringing a parent as a mockery or joke is not a commendable deed, although it just a name. Well, but in reality, there are still a few mockery materials, and sometimes more severe than that.

However, parents should be respected because they have a big share for us so we exist and live on this planet. Those who give birth and care for us until now. Carrying a parent's name is very likely to make our friend offended.

3) Don't laugh at friends who are in misfortune (don't make misfortune of friend as a laughing material)

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Insulting the misfortune condition of the friend also becomes a mistake in friendship today. Although the context is joking when it is done repeatedly, of course, surely it will offend him. However, we need to reduce the joking when a friend in the condition of misfortune. Don't make misfortune them be as the laughingstock.

Another thing that should not be done in order to keep friendships intact, especially in the context of friendship between girls and guys. Do not play the feelings of our female friends, because playing the feelings of friends is clearly less polite. In addition to causing hurt, it can also stretch our friendship relationship.

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If you happen to be someone liked and loved by your friend, do not ever play her feelings. Because feelings are not toys. Your lady friend can feel the pain because of feeling played by you. And if his heart is hurt, it is not impossible to disturb the friendship between you and her. So if there are friends who love you, say honestly what is in your feelings so there is no lie between you.

In this post-session, That's some things we should avoid when joking with our friends. Keep in mind that the friend is not like easy-to-find enemies. A good friend is very difficult for we find. So, when we have a lot of true friends, should not we break the friendship with trivial things like the joking.

Much Love

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel


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