Tips: Living The Life Peace and Harmony In Diversity and Difference

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In living everyday life in this world, we always intersect and face the name "difference". Differences are often be cause of the emergence of problems that continue and then become conflicts when we understand, overcome and react in an inappropriate way.


Essentially, humans are the same, but there is never a human being who is truly the same in all things. Face similarities, similarities in hobbies, and similarities in professions and even inner bonds and strong feelings of affinity do not make us the same with them or I am and he, and you and me.

We all have differences because this difference is harmony that makes our lives more meaningful. In difference, there is a meaning that is worth understanding. With differences, we are able to feel the meaning of togetherness, so that we can understand that difference is the reason for understanding.

It could be said that "difference" is a state, nature and character that God created with the aim that humans know each other, interact, understand each other and benefit one another.

Understanding and addressing differences and indeed depends on our perspective on these differences. If we view it as a threat, then the difference will be a difficult problem to overcome and solve. But on the contrary, if the difference is seen as the nature of humanity and the gift of God Almighty, then the difference will feel beautiful and able to color our lives.

In a sense, our perspective on difference determines the way we respond to it and overcome it. Therefore, understanding is important for us to have and we apply it in understanding, addressing and managing differences.
Understanding is a reflection and realization of awareness of the real facts of life that are not always the same and never perfect. In the sense that there is sincerity, readiness and determination to accept shortcomings also give thanks for the strengths of yourself and others.

Understand each other is a reflection and realization of awareness of the real facts of life that are not always the same and never perfect. In the sense that there is sincerity, readiness and determination to accept shortcomings also give thanks for the strengths of yourself and others.

Understanding is a follow-up to respect. By appreciating we can understand and accept, so that understanding becomes the main attitude that can make us survive and enjoy differences as a color of life. Without understanding, we will not be able to live side by side in peace, comfort, and peace in a difference.

Understanding is a process to understand and understand, so that we can train, we can grow in ourselves and we use it for our lives. There are several things that we can make habituation in terms of training understanding and addressing differences.


Actually, we can overcome the differences by developing positive ways of thinking and avoiding domination of prejudice. People who behave and are based on prejudice alone will not be able to look positively at life and all the differences they face, so they tend to be pessimistic and consider differences as a threat that can attack us at any time. Therefore, positive thinking will foster positive attitudes and actions also reassure our feelings in the face of differences.

Alternatively, differences can also be overcome by avoiding self-assertiveness (feeling yourself more) and lowering others. People who always feel themselves stronger, stronger, or smarter, then they never want to accept differences, and tend to assume that differences are a threat to themselves. So therefore put something in its place and according to its portion. This is a realization of behaving and acting fairly. Being fair and acting right is the right way to respond to differences.

Another more important way to overcome differences is to always correct and introspect yourself, and not quickly judge others.
Search for the truth of an information objectively and cultivate tabayun (clarification), and make it a habit not to justify before we verify the truth of something. This is an anticipatory step towards provocative information that will make a difference as a way of division. So therefore, self-correction will make us always calm and strong in facing problems, including differences.

Finally, differences can also be overcome by increasing self-sensitivity to others and our environment because sensitivity will make us care about the circumstances around us. This sensitivity and concern will give birth to our appreciation and understanding of differences.

The most important thing in dealing with differences is that we must be patient, sincere, tolerant and assertive. Such attitudes are the essence of understanding in responding to differences. Strictly not synonymous with violence, but able to put the truth on the portion.

These steps are steps we can continue to practice in our daily lives to further improve understanding, understand the meaning of differences and respond appropriately and correctly. Also we can use the difference as energy to understand and we make the potential to maximize our ability to understand others.

We all cannot avoid differences that often cause problems and divisions in our daily lives. However, at least by instilling understanding in us, we have familiarized ourselves to respond to differences, and strive to create harmony and tranquility above differences and diversity.

Diversity is the beauty that is owned by the Indonesian nation, let's live in peace and harmony although we are the difference in religion, ethnicity, race, culture, ideology, political, and outlook

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