Who is The Figure of Sandiaga Shalahuddin Uno?

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Now, Sandiaga Uno has been declared as Pak Prabowo Subianto's vice presidential candidate. He is a politician from Gerindra's internal party. Besides being a politician he is also a successful businessman who is rich and also has a social spirit.


Now he also made another surprise after 10 months as deputy governor of DKI Jakarta. He advanced alongside Prabowo Subianto as the 2019 vice presidential candidate. He was also willing to abandon his position as Deputy Governor.


Indeed, the rules and the system are like that, when pursuing a political career, any position must be left behind.

I think, Pak Sandiaga Uno is the best choice because seeing the conditions and situation of the current Indonesian state. Pak Sandiaga Uno was also willing to sacrifice, and he was also willing to resign from the position of deputy governor, all he did because he wanted Indonesia to be better. Where the Jokowi regime, the country has created many problems such as discrediting and hostility to the ulama.

Actually, the problem occurred in Indonesia are created by the state, so that millions of people (citizen) were called to do peaceful demonstrations 212 and so forth. The Jokowi regime also makes people more intelligent. Today, the people (citizen) don't want to be fooled by regime Jokowi anymore.

[Youtube: Peaceful Action 212]

Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno was born in Pekanbaru, Riau on June 28, 1969. In 1990, he completed his studies at Wichita State University, and in 1992 also completed his studies at George Washington University. He is a smart person, still young, physically strong, and very suitable to accompany Prabowo in the presidential competition (democratic party) this time.

If he is not a smart man, then he cannot win the heart and love of Nur Asia (his wife). Through an online media, BANGKAPOS.com, Nur Asia (the wife of Sandiaga Uno) stated that she has a life journey that is quite unique. Her love story with Sandiaga Uno (her husband) break-up for 13 years before they finally decided to get married. Dating for 13 years is not a short period, it is a very long time to go to a grand marriage to build a household.[Read more: Love Story Nur Asia and Sandiaga Uno]

Based on her recognition in the media that she is a woman who just wants to talk to smart men. The reason Nur Aisa chose Sandiaga as her mooring was because he was a man he considered to be a smart person. Nur Asia does admit that she likes smart men.

Actually, what is appropriate and deserving to be the leader of Indonesia are statesmen and religionist

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