You Must Know: Ali Bin Abi Talib's Words of Wisdom That Has Become a Reality Today

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For Muslims, it is no stranger to Ali ibn Abi Talib. He is the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad. He was the first person to embrace Islam from children. He is also one of the Messenger of Allah friends who got the guarantee the heaven where he is guaranteed by God to enter heaven. Therefore the Messenger of Allah gave him the title of Babul Ilmu (the door of knowledge) so that every word that comes out of the word Ali will always be advice and reflection. The title of Babul Ilmu got by him shows how special he is (Ali Bin Abi Talib), in the sense that anywho wants knowledge, come to Ali Bin Abi Thalib. And this also reflects that his knowledge is undoubted.

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The figure that admired by Muslims, Sunny, Shia and non-Muslims

Every word of Ali ibn Abi Talib is not fiction, but truth and reality. So therefore let us consider some of words him that come true today. Here I want to quote some of the words of Ali ibn Abi Talib that have come true. Let's reflect and think about what was said tens of years ago and that day has come true. Read carefully and look at the situation today, then compare it to what was said by Ali Bin Abi Talib.

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Among the words of Ali bin Abi Talib contained in the book Biography Ali Bin Abi Talib written by Prof. Ali Muhammad Ash-Shalabi is as follows:

1. Many people are good but not intelligent

Ideally, that kindness should be done sincerely (wholeheartedly) and solely because of God, not because we want to be praised by many people or not because we want to get a good judgment from many people, and not because of God.

But the reality today, not a few people who act and do kindness but their hearts are filled with hypocrisy and insincerity solely, it is not because they expect the reward from God. In the sense that the good he does is just because want be considered good by humans or just because he wants to get a good judgment from many people, not because of Allah SWT.

Today, we can see for ourselves how many people are good but they are not intelligent where every good they do is just because they want to be praised. They are proud of praise, but they are not smart because they do not know that the kindness they are doing is not pleased and rewarded by Allah. And that is the fact and reality of what was said by Ali ibn Abi Talib. Ali ibn Abi Talib does not live in our day, but he knows of human behavior at the end of time. So because of that it is natural and proper to get the title of Babul ilmi (the door of science).

2) Many fluently speaking people but their actions are negligent

There will come a time where there are many people who speak fluently, sound very wise and very inspirated. But his words and actions were inversely proportional. His actions do not reflect his words. He talked about goodness, but he didn't do it himself at all. He likes to promise with sweet promises, but he never keeps his promise. He talked a lot about Islam, but he himself violated many Islamic rules.

Let's see whether the time has arrived, please see the behavior of hypocrites, between words and deeds, are never appropriate. The behavior like it, today is already there and that is a fact.

3) There are prostitutes to be public figures

What is meant with prostitutes here does not mean women who are paid at a certain price to have sex with men, but people who like to pawn and sell their faith (religion) only for their personal interests in this world, whether it is a throne, a position, and so on. For the sake of obtaining material benefits, they are willing to sell and pawn their religion by lying in the name of the religion of Allah, anything that, they do just because to getting the throne/position even though they have to lose their faith. Ironic, people like that become public figures and really respected by many people.

Let us consider and think, is there anything like that today, how many people sell and pawn their religion for political office, positions in government, and so on.

4) Many fools don't know themselves

I think this fourth point already exists and that is fact. It could be said that everyone knows Islam and knows the teachings of Islam, but there are still many people who are lost in their ignorance. Everyone knows about God's commandments and prohibitions, but many of them are negligent and they do not sin, they sin as they wish without the slightest guilt and remorse in them. Instead, they are very proud of the sin they committed. Generally, ignorant people who do not know themselves are hard to receive advice and difficult to change to good.

You should see your own mistakes not someone else's mistakes

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