2 Real Madrid Goals Prize from Bayern Munich

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MUENCHEN - Bayern Munich coach, Jupp Heynckes, revealed that his team gave two easy goals for Real Madrid in the first leg Champions League semifinal round at the Allianz Arena Stadium on Wednesday (25/4/2018) or Thursday morning GMT.

Jupp Heynckes thinks two Real Madrid goals are a gift from Bayern.

"We gave them a two-goal prize but we made a lot of chances for our own team.What's lacking? We did not score," said Jupp Heynckes as quoted from UEFA's official website.

In this fight, Heynckes also had to spin the brain faster because Arjen Robben and Jerome Boateng injured in the first half.

"After losing Robben and Boateng, then we gave away a silly goalless goal in the first half, in fact both goals were rewards," Heynckes said.


In addition, 72-year-old coach was surprised because his team made many chances on this fight.

"We have a lot of chances, it's very strange, I've never seen any teams have many chances in the semifinals, let alone against a Real Madrid classmate," Heynckes said.

With the defeat suffered, Bayern had to fight hard in the second match of Champions League semifinal round which will be held at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Tuesday (1/5/2018).


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Bayern played well on offense but couldn't finish, Ribbery missed many chances. They still have a good shot if they can get healthy before the second leg. It will be difficult but they are a strong side.