because of lack of sleep, women are prone to anxiety and fat quickly

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Sufficient sleep is necessary, especially for women. The reason, women tend to get tired faster than men because doing a lot of activity.


Research conducted by the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University, UK, mentioned that the quantity of sleeping women should be longer than men. The study revealed, the activity of women is more dense and draining than men.

Reported by Timesofindia, according to the National Sleep Foundation, Women and Sleep Poll, the average woman between 30-60 sleeps for six hours 45 minutes during the workday. In fact, women should get more time to sleep than that.

Basically, during the night sleep both men and women alike took sleep approximately eight hours. Unfortunately with the busyness and congestion in this big city, it would be difficult to get that quantity of sleep.


The experts also said, women did take longer to sleep approximately 20 minutes than men. Although little, extra time it will have a very beneficial effect for women.

Women tend to perform many tasks, so that their brain activity is higher. Therefore, for you women are advised to get enough rest time. Body activity alone will make you feel tired and tired, especially when being PMS and badmood, certainly more draining a lot of energy.

Plus, women have to complete everyday household chores that seem endless. As a result in addition to physical fatigue, women are also more susceptible to stress. This is what makes his brain activity heavier than men.

In fact, the negative impact if not enough rest, can make women fat quickly. In many cases, sleep-deprived women are also more susceptible to anxiety by releasing the hormone cortisol.


Therefore, the physical condition of women always experience hormonal changes. Especially during menstruation, physical condition is more tired and need rest. Likewise during pregnancy and age of menopause, many hormonal changes experienced by women, so it should be more rest.

This condition is very different from men who almost rarely do multitasking activities. In men, the performance of his brain tends to focus more on one thing. Men do not need much energy, otherwise they tend to sleep easier in tired conditions

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