Manchester City Perfect Party

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MANCHESTER, - Manchester City champions party getting sweet because it was able to win 5-0 win over Swansea City in the 35th week Premier League - the top league caste in the Etihad Stadium on Sunday (4/22/2018).


Five Manchester City goals scored by five diffen players, namely David Silva (12 '), Raheem Sterling (16'), Kevin De Bruyne (54 '), Bernardo Silva (64'), and Gabriel Jesus (88 ').

These results have no effect for both teams on the English Premier League standings.

Manchester City have locked the English Premier League title since the 34th week firmly at the top of the standings with a notch 90 points. While Swansea City are ranked 17th with a collection of 33 points.

Manchester City appear to dominate by not allowing Swansea to develop the game for 2 x 45 minutes.

Recorded The Cityzens controlled 83 percent mastery of the ball and scored 12 shots on target from 17 experiments.

In the 12th minute, Man City scored the opening goal through David Silva kick. Four minutes later, just in the 16th minute, Raheem Sterling added Man City advantage after using Fabian Delph's measured bait from the left wing.

Score 2-0 for Man City lasted until halftime.

Not 10 minutes second half running, Pep Guardiola's squad managed to score a goal in the 54th minute through Kevin De Bruyne kick from outside the penalty box.


In the 64th minute, Man City scored again through Bernardo Silva utilizing the ball gag penalty Gabriel Jesus.

Failed to execute a penalty, Gabriel Jesus paid a mistake by scoring in the 88th minute.

The Brazilian striker managed to utilize Yaya Toure's stomach bait with a header to change the score to 5-0.

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Cela nya adalah dibantai liverpool.. Hahah


Hahaha, semoga mampu lagi

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