Mourinho: It's not me who sells Salah, but Chelsea

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Manchester - Jose Mourinho is not to blame for the departure of Mohamed Salah from Chelsea. According to Mourinho, Chelsea was the one who decided to sell Salah, not himself.

Mourinho is the one who brought Salah to England for the first time. While still a Chelsea manager, he brought the Egyptian winger from Basel in January 2014.

For a year at Chelsea, Salah did not get much of a chance to play from Mourinho. He was eventually loaned out to Serie A club Fiorentina.


Misplaced appearance soared in Italy. After shining at Fiorentina, he borrowed AS Roma early in the 2015/2016 season. Roma then bought it from Chelsea a year later.

Name Salah really uphill after he joined Liverpool at the beginning of this season. The 25-year-old has scored 43 goals in 47 games with the Reds. Thanks to that outstanding performance, Salah has been awarded the PFA Player of the Year award.

Mourinho, now manager of Manchester United, claims Chelsea have decided to sell Salah. But, Mourinho also called Salah when it was not ready to compete in the Premier League.

"This is the first time I will say this, but another injustice to say about me, people say that I am the one who sells wrong, but instead I buy One," Mourinho told ESPN Brazil.

"The opposite is true: I bought One I was the one who asked Chelsea to buy Salah Salah came to Chelsea when I became manager but he came as a young player, physically and mentally unprepared, social and cultural difficulties, all difficult for him.


"We decided to loan him and he also asked for it.He wanted more play, wanted to mature, he wanted to go and we loaned him to Fiorentina and at Fiorentina he started maturing, Chelsea decided to sell it, okay?

"And when they say I was the one who sold it, it was a lie, I bought it, I agreed to lend it, I think it was necessary, I think Chelsea already have enough winger, some of them are still there like Willian (Eden) Hazard, and they are all players who are already at different levels. "

"So the decision to lend it was a decision we made together, but after that, the decision to sell it and use the money to buy another player is not my decision."

"But even if it's my decision, in football we often make mistakes, very often some players develop unexpectedly, other players do not reach the level we think so I think this is not a mistake, work."

"But, effectively I bought Salah, I do not sell Salah, but it does not matter.It's important for him he's a fantastic player, and I'm very happy for everything that happened to him and especially because he scored against all teams and he did not score goals we're in two games, "Mourinho said.


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