Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

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Better than the sweet treats-Dragon fruit has a number of cholesterol is very low and can be diasup quite often as a substitute for sweet campilan. This fruit also helps maintain weight loss and healthier for teeth because the sugar content is low.
The heart becomes more healthy – this fruit has the ability of lowering levels of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels. Dragon fruit is a source of monounsaturated fats and can help the heart remains in top condition.
Digestive cleanse-to cleanse the digestive system, the fruit of the Dragon is one of the effective ways. This fruit has a high fibre content, required component of digestion. Consuming the flesh and seeds-the seeds, which contain protein, will keep the body stay healthy.
Antioxidant active-to cleanse the body from free radicals and cancer-causing substances, you could be consuming foods that contain antioxidants. The best sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables, and fruits have a fairly high in antioxidants.
Fight diabetes-high amount of fiber in the fruit can fight diabetes, because it can stabilize blood sugar levels by pressing the glucose spikes after meals. However, always consult your doctor to ensure that these foods are good for you.
Reduce the signs of aging-Eating Dragon fruit with a rich antioksidannya can keep skin stay toned and youthful. You can even make a facial mask with fruit combined with the use of honey as a natural alternative for anti aging mask.
Caring for hair dyed-hair requires special care painted so that the color does not fade easily. It turns out that Dragon fruit juice we can take advantage of to take care of hair dyed. Dragon fruit juice over the scalp several times a week. In addition to protect hair color, substances in the fruit also makes the hair follicles remain open so that the hair can breathe. The hair will also be softer.
Pressing the arthritis-Arthritis or arthritis directly affects the joints and cause pain and difficulty moving. Dragon fruit also has anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce the severity of arthritis pain.
Avoid acne-Dragon fruit rich in vitamin C, fruit is becoming a great topical ointment. Cut a dragon fruit and then apply it to the areas that are flush on the face or your skin, then rinse with water. For best results, use twice daily.

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Never knew that dragon fruit has so many health benefits. In our old house we planted a dragon fruit tree for many years but never bears any fruit. Always wonder what went wrong. Now we live in a house with small garden so no room to plant another one.