Some of the benefits of the eggplant

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Good evening friend steemit all, how are you guys tonight, this time I post the benefits of Eggplant


1. Can refresh the body, Dutch Eggplant has a taste sour and might be a little bit wry. This sour taste can help you refresh your body, so your body feels tired and sleepy can instantly after consuming fresh fruit juice Dutch eggplant.
2. increase the body's immunity and durability, Usefulness of Dutch Eggplant is very good for your body's endurance. This is due to the content of a benefit of vitamin C contained in Dutch Eggplant fruit itself.
3. Prevent Cancer, it cannot be denied, cancer is one disease that is feared by most people for its ability to mengerogoti the body organs attacked. Well to avoid yourself from cancer, then you can routinely consume juice Dutch eggplant.


4. Repair of damaged DNA, one of the other benefits you can get from the merits of Dutch Eggplant is able to repair cells damaged DNA. The cells DNA can be repaired and able to function normally again with help from Dutch eggplant.
5. In addition, lycopene as antioxidants that may help ward off free radicals, teong Netherlands also has a high antioxidant content of a benefit, and the benefit to the health of the body.

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