The causes and how to overcome the hiccups

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The stomach too full because accommodate food and drinks too much, could cause hiccups. Some other causes are:

Eating too much too fast
Drinking too much alcohol
Too much air enters through the mouth of smoking stomach temperature change unexpectedly, like drinking hot water and then drink cold drinks
Emotional stress or precisely too happy

the hiccups only last a minute, or could soon be resolved in a few minutes. But in fact, hiccups can last for 48 hours even more. Hiccups lasting longer this can cause fatigue, lack of sleep, and weight decreased.
Hiccups lasting longer and no missing-missing could be a sign of serious health problems, so you need to check out their health to the doctor immediately.
There are some simple ways you can do it yourself at home to overcome hiccups (unless it is prolonged, should go to the doctor).

Drinking cold water a little-a little
Hold your breath briefly
A bite of lemon
Swallowing granulated sugar
Ingesting a little vinegar
Breathe using a paper bag
Pull the leg to the chest and leaning against something that was there in front of You to compress the chest

If some simple ways could not cure the hiccups, you should visit a doctor so that he could help at once check if this is a sign of a hiccup from other medical conditions. Usually there are some medications that can be used to stop the hiccups, such as Chlorpromazine, Haloperidol, Haloperidol, Metoclopramide, Gabapentin.

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