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Let's see what the new media art means to say. The word 'New' was not felt at the beginning - only the media art was asked to identify some technological expressions. And these expressions are based on performing arts, visual arts, and spoken or written commentary arts that have been spread over them through branches and branches.
But everything in the west has been classified as beautiful, well-organized - at least in the case of a modern sign of modernity, it has not happened in the media art. In fact, there is an inherent tendency to dissolve discipline by passing through the modern art of media art and creating anarchy, which is probably an understandable reason. At least we can think of it at times; If this writing goes further, we will see that sportsmanship is less important than the media art. Return to the topic of classification. It is sometimes seldom classified according to the concept of technology used, and according to the purpose and presentation of the ever-created art, it is rarely its concept of expression and the aesthetic characteristics. Lost in these is not difficult. But the thing that can be seen even in confusion is that the media art has a special relationship with the current picture. At the end of the nineteenth century Edward Moybridge conducted the series of photography; It has not come yet, but the film is being called the audit of the media art. Later, in the twentieth century, the films attempted against mainstream narrative films have been given the status of media art. The emergence of words, the creation of creative techniques of editing, and various types of optical effects created opportunities for auditing within the film, the opportunity of filmmakers from outside the studio system and other visual artists. Artists such as Man Ray, Salvador Dali, or Farnege Lagger were using the moving picture in a variety of ways, for their expression. On the other hand, Eijenstein, Jigga Vertov, Fritz Lang, Louis Bunuel created the marginal art of many inspections within the film industry. Thus, the use of off-bits of all types of films has been associated with media art. Probably a matter of looking back at this one. Because, what happened later is the transformation of the moving image technology, or the position of the new technology that has taken place in the center of all the new technologies, and all new industry efforts have become addictive. image
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