Stop genocide, Give us our human right prime minister Shekh Hasina

3년 전

Students of Bangladesh are not stopable. they are brave...
Challenging students should keep remind some things:

  1. School-college students will come after dress. Keep everyone with ID card Uniform Mast Move wherever you are, do not get trapped If there is any irregularity anywhere, then turn on the mobile phone camera.
  2. If any law enforcement agency wants to check the Security Regions, you will ask her identity first and wait for her to call two wits and tell them that they will be checked to see them. This will not falsify you with any allegation. And help the police cooperate


  1. Before checking, ask to spread the two palm of the hand, so that you can not check any fingers If you have a hand, then you can check it. If you refuse to do so Remember that law enforcement agencies
  2. Do not stand ahead to stop any bus or truck alone in any condition. In this, the driver may deliberately lose or control over you
  3. Protest peacefully by grouping
  4. Refrain from the destruction of state assets
  5. As soon as someone is injured, bring the nearest medical treatment to the nearest hospital.
  6. Please help journalists and law enforcement agencies
  7. Pregnant women, children, ambulances, elderly and urgent need transport


  1. Avoid using speech and speech.
  2. Finding many opportunities can provide many types of fuel, take special care in this direction.
    Safe road is our right
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