photography of yellow orchid

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Hello, best friend of my steemians!

Glad to see you all again!

What's the weather in your town village? Do you like it?
Have you enjoyed the emergence of spring or or snow or longer on a sightseeing trip?

as for me, I like the time of bloom in the spring. This is a remarkable process.

I have shared many photos of the blooming tree
blooming flower
garden concept and landscape art
and exterior arrangement?

this time I will share with you the best photo mirror, which will be revived every spring in mirror concept ..

Thank you for dropping in my blog I hope happy and happy



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One day I was thinking about the concept of architectural mirror and this is my journey to my job, I have met with this consrp, which is beautiful. I took some photos of it. Within a day or two it has designed a visual mirror image, instead of flowers there are lots of light green leaves in it. They are very young, not big and pretty, but in a few days they will look good.

I love watching natural phenomena. it's always amaze .... this life is real steemians ... successful greetings 😇

Have a nice day!

Thank you for reading, voting, and your time, I appreciate..



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