#ULOG 048 : Your Future Depends On You - A Motivational Learning

3년 전

Hello my friends...Good Night & have a nice day....I hope all of you will be good and doing their job well...

"Motivation means Motive in Action and wanting to fulfil your goal is called Motivation".

If we have a desire to do any work, we are motivated to do that work and we can work well for the work we have been motivated to do. We can take inspiration from anyone, whether it is big or small, human beings or any creature, anyone can, As the ant rises on the wall and drops repeatedly, but eventually it reaches its destination. Similarly, a small child gets up and falls and then falls and falls, but unless he stands up, he does not leave his goal.

Friends, there are many inspiration in our lives too. Seeing them or seeing their work gives us inspiration. For example, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Chanakya and others too will be the people from whom we are inspired. But friends we take positive inspiration or negative is it depends on us. This will understand from this example -

A man had two sons. If both of them grow up, then one make a big businessman and the other becomes drunken. One day his friend asked that drunken person why did you make such a thing? So he said that since childhood, i saw my father drink wine, saw gambling play, he always kept coming in front of me i saw their wrong ideal and i became like them. The same friend asked another business son, you become such a big business man, whose credit goes to him? So where did I see Dad playing drinking gambling every day from his childhood? I used to watch every day and myself always told me not to be so. From my father's behavior, I came to know what it means to become a real person.

One made the business man and the other made the alcoholic, he also saw you because of the same person. One person can give positive inspiration to one son and give negative motivation to another. We have to decide which inspiration we have to take.

Friends, many times we are inspired by ourselves as when a person accepts responsibility for any work and doing that work, it is my duty, it is my duty to do this work. And I believe that I can do it honestly and thoroughly. This person is inspired by the person who believes in it.

If we always have success in life then we have to make big goals in life. If the goal is, then the person is motivated in the work. This is my duty. It is my responsibility that I should do that, this is my dream, the goal is to get inspiration from all of you with such inspirational talks. 

 Thank you,




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This was a great matter my friend.

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