Girl in a busy life

7개월 전


Sometimes, I want to hide a busy life, like a bird go to the forest and no one can see me!

Sometimes I wish I had a person always be my side like a girl in this song, not noisy for everyone know, peaceful and make me feel safe and happy!


Remember when i told you
No matter where i go
I'll never leave your side
You will never be alone
Even when we go through changes
Even when we're old
Remember that I told you
I'll find my way back home

I could never let you go
Couldn't run away if i tried
Cuz even when I'm all alone
You still got a hold of my mind
And I'll always let you know
That 'm always gonna hold on on on on

And I told you right from the start
You just say the word and I'll go
No it doesn't matter how far
Cuz your love is all that I know
Baby you just stay where you are
And you know I won't be too long
Hold on, hold on

No i won't ever lose
As long as you're there

Photograph lover 24

Hope you enjoy my photo and want to learn more from you!

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