5 selection of Iftar is healthy and Refreshing

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The time of fasting, the body vulnerable to a lack of fluids, therefore we are obligated to fullfill the needs of liquid during the fast time of Suhoor and fast.
But not only the origin of the drink, we need to choose a drink that not only removes the thirst while breaking but also remain healthy.
Healthy drink can replenish the energy lost during fasting. Then, whatever drinks Iftar is healthy and refreshing that we can choose?
White water
white water becomes obligatory should be consumed each day. Drinking plain water when fast help fullfill the needs of body fluids that are lost after a full day of fasting.
White water becomes the most powerful kind of water to relieve thirst. Although it tasted bland, white water contains a lot of benefits for the body such as:

Helps the body's normal work suit function

Providing energy to muscles

Nourish skin

Maintaining healthy kidneys

Helps maintain normal bowel function

To that end, drank a glass of water while the fast enough to allay thirst and wetting the inside of the body organs.
Coconut water
One of those drinks that you have to choose from a wide range of drinks Iftar is coconut water because in addition to being able to menghidrasi the body can also replenish the electrolytes lost during fasting. Electrolytes are minerals that are instrumental in the body including maintaining fluid balance in the body to prevent dehydration.
Potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and calcium are some of the minerals contained in coconut water. In addition the coconut milk is also rich in fiber and contain vitamin c. the substance of this one body needs to run many functions of the body, reducing the risk of cramping, and maintaining the balance of electrolytes in the body. Therefore, it could be that coconut water drinks fresh Iftar and nourish.
Fruit juice
Drink a refreshing Iftar is fruit juice. A variety of vitamin and mineral content in the fruit also can we get from your favorite fruits. Bananas, watermelon, melon, could be a refreshing choice for those who are bored with breaking the drink it-that's it.
But remember, try not to add too much sugar in the juice so that blood sugar does not jumped sharply. We can use honey or sugar as a low-calorie sweetener.

Fruit Smoothies
Smothies is healthy drinks between drinks Iftar more because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. In our smoothies can add milk and yogurt to add flavour and enjoyment. Low-fat milk and yogurt contain calcium and vitamin D which is good for bone health.
Maintaining bone health during Lent is absolutely essential to keep us active throughout the day.
Infused water
Infused water is white water-based drink made by adding pieces of fruit into it. Drink the infused water gives us more nutrients when compared to drinking water.
We can make it the time of Suhoor and put it into the fridge first until Maghrib. Infused water is able to menghidrasi the body and provide maximum freshness of fruit favorites.

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