The Population Of This Country Were Disposable Cash Transactions

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The trend of new digencarkan non cash transactions of Government the last few years. You know a companion of Dreamjika during this time there was a country that its community at all reluctant to use cash.
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In conducting any transactions, the people prefer dealing with a payment card.
Week of May 5, 2018, Sweden's central bank, the Riksbank, calling the residents of Sweden have access to payment card and a bit of its citizens are dealing with cash. As much as 85 percent of its citizens have access to online banking.
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There are several reasons the population reluctant to Transact in cash. First, more than half the residents of Sweden have instant payment application, Swish. Second, the retailer choose to transact with a card or mobile. The technology is developing rapidly changing interests people against payment.
The Riksbank noted the circulation of banknotes and metal continue to fall. This is due to the population that never withdraw money and using digital methods to pay for anything.
Capgemini and BNP Paribas research predicts the amount of money in circulation in 2020 will reach 0 percent. This situation could be severe because the Riksbank should issue a warning because the inhabitants are hardly want to use cash anymore.
The Governor of the Riksbank, Stefan Ingves, said there are dangers lurking if the inhabitants are using non cash payments. It means that only a handful of commercial players that are responsible for the entire payment in Sweden. Plus, the people are also considered not to be ready if there is a crisis at any time

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