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This is the realm of hobbies ... It's not a place to look for enemies ... It's not a place to boast and demean the results of other people's livestock, it's a hobby of bung ... It's not an arena where you dwarf the science of hobbies that other people have ... you've been an amateur, I've been be an amateur, respect your friends ... just have expensive material as if you are very good in this field ... if you can only buy small children, rich dad can buy, ... Remember ... Knowledge shared more useful than your scorn for the results of other people's efforts ... hobbies go together ... Success together ... Without sneering the results of people's efforts,


Ini ranah hobi... Bukan tempat cari musuh...Bukan pula tempat membanggakan dan merendahkan hasil ternak orang lain, ini hobi bung... Bukan arena dimana kamu mengkerdilkan ilmu hobi yang orang lain punya..kamu pernah jadi amatir, saya pernah jadi amatir, hargai ke amatiran temen mu.., baru punya materi mahal seakan kamu sangat hebat dalam bidang ini...jika cuma bisa beli anak kecil yang bapak nya kaya pun bisa beli,... Ingat... Ilmu yang di share lebih bermanfaat ketimbang cibiran mu terhadap hasil usaha orang lain..hobi itu jalan bersama... Sukses bersama... Tanpa mencibir hasil usaha orang,


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