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Yellow fish (Selaroides leptolepis) is one of the most popular fish. High demand and high prices will encourage this increase in fish catch.
Yellow Selar, Selaroides leptolepis (Carangidae); live in groups in the waters offshore, deep sea beach areas, high salinity, fish length can reach 20 cm, generally 15 cm. Includes small pelagic fish, plankton eaters. Catching with purse seine, payang, gills, concrete pukat, mesh lompo.
The yellow fish has a long and vertical jorong body shape or commonly called fusiform, the base of small tail. This fish's mouth shape is subterminal. Has a small cycloid thin scales. There are big black spots on the gill cover. The sides of the body and stomach are silvery. The back of the fish is blue and there is a yellow line at the back.
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