Today Christian cemetery saidpur photography

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Hi , my all steemians friends .

Good evening.....

It's great to click my nature photo. So every day you come up with a new beautiful post....
Hello my friends hope you are all good i am a Muslim
. One of our neighbors is a Christian

My friend father died, my friend's father, I am Muslims, since our neighbors are our responsibility to be with them, we are happy to live in their affliction. We are happy to visit them at their Eid. They also come home to our Eid festival.

Here we prayed for Christians Fathers, we also took part in prayer



হ্যালো আমার বন্ধুরা আশা করি আপনারা সবাই ভাল আছেন আমি একজন মুসলিম
। আমাদের প্রতিবেশীদের মধ্যে একজন খ্রিস্টান

আমার বন্ধু পিতা মারা গেছেন, আমার বন্ধুর পিতা, আমি মুসলমান, কারণ আমাদের প্রতিবেশীরা আমাদের সাথে তাদের দায়িত্বের কথা বলে, আমরা তাদের দুঃখ ভোগে আনন্দিত। আমরা তাদের ঈদের পরিদর্শন করতে পেরে আনন্দিত। তারা আমাদের ঈদ উৎসবের আওতায় এসেছে।

I hope you enjoy my friend camera Photo of today. Tried to click the photo a lot beautifully. I like to click on the photo of mi mobile camera .....

more information please visite :

All these pictures are my original work ......

so beautiful photos on mi mobile camera today. Hope you enjoy the pictures of today's post ...
I hope all of like this post..

I never post esteem. If this is the first time I have posted a mistake, keep an eye on forgiveness. I will always post to the system if you have any mistake then you will tell me the comments. Thank you all for the sake of Allah Hafez
. ....

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@Khurshid thank you very much so much that you have posted so beautifully, whatever religion you have in common with our neighbors should be in harmony. It is the main religion that has been written in good faith. Thank you. You have posted so beautiful. I am very happy with your post Thank you very much.


I am really happy , because u like my post . thnx friend...

Sir, you are doing a great job but after someone's death, people are not told about him how good he was, then you told him nothing about him.


Ok friend . next time i will

Yes friend @Khurshid, you said exactly. We really need to be with everyone in happiness and the bonds of people are strong.


You are absolutely right .. Thnx friend

wow excellent post... friend @khurshid you post diffeeent post but I really like it your post. best of luck my dear friend @khurshid


Thnx friend , i ama really happy, because you like my post...

no matter the religion, rest in peace.


Right friends ... U said absolutely good