once shed. Afternoon nap

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Are you looking for a woman smoking a long time. Launched almost sweethearts. Even when I get သူ့အချစ် intensive discussions with loose tobacco shed.
He said he and the university already in the last years to give an answer to stop smoking is so illogical. Or, I want to answer, Unable to quit smoking would be just as he was concerned there may be.
Therefore, he is love and no longer associated with smoking, but I accepted.
"I do not like smoking,"
A set of pre-consideration. The warning is also very effective. Even when allowed to come out of their houses and their grandmother is a handmade ဆေးပေါ့လိပ်. Flying Tiger loose-loose-grain roll. Between the hands of his brother, cigarettes ဆေးပေါ့လိပ် see တလူလူ smoke. It pretends to help tobacco.
He was about to marry must at once. Caused by smoking and nothing. Within Thingyan friends back home, I drink a little alcohol. Water, Six out of the sun The child entered the belly two glass cups, and it is getting cold, cough lungs. Not very carefully Recall Over cough. Then he said what TB ဖြစ်နေမလား concerned. The urge to do tests.
Ray, A blood test is nothing to see. All he said was good. If you've found something only when the woman is likely to have to wait a year to six months to get there.
Later, he allows smoking disregard about it is you know. မပြောတော့ anything.


For tobacco, since the first year university student who had been drinking dream. Nge Chit Haung smoking. Never mind to stop smoking.
Smoking is my partner. At night when the man sitting alone in the States when he knows his value. We have slept there and talk. When writing ပျင်းလာ When weary of tobacco shed pick up children. See the smoke continue to consider the content to write.
Where there is no smoking in this novel, The poems he thought would happen.
Tobacco, writing, Has long been married for more than twenty years.
ဟိုတလောက bad for themselves, Bad breathing, Have done bad Ks. Then a woman for several years ignored the issue described.

"Smoking is very much to drink again and again"

He said. Medical check-ups to see. Ray, The blood test results, as usual, nothing is All is.
Even so, before I. Now health is vital. Health informed views not seen enough. Getting high costs is the main reason.
Wave your hand to mouth because it will be able to shake myself, I can not bear. Moved with the brain remains healthy. The drugs are expensive, Getting up medical health and no longer want to feel.
Quit smoking, even in those areas not over yet. She decided to listen.
In his words, "I drink a little" smoke if you drink less drink less respect for him.
We can improve health.
Therefore, drink tobacco reduction programs. The number of turtles, do not drink more than a day is limited. Then, consider how smoking will drink.
Without a cigarette. ဆေးပေါ့လိပ် must choose from. Joe Thein The golden rule is easy to roll quickly. Our township is produced by Jack choose the tobacco world. He sticks a long, long drink.
The number and type of set. How can only get to think about what to drink.

Learn about how people smoke or drink. ရှေးလူကြီးတွေ smoking. Long life.
Our grandmother, Daw Thein smoking. I went up to the age of eighty healthy.

Think about how smoking is born. She awoke in the morning with boiled garden pea, rice or bread, having read a large diamond sprout ဆေးပေါ့လိပ် set it on fire. The loose style. If you have a cigarette Works swindling activities. The breakfast meal, once shed. Afternoon nap wake up on time. At that time has broken ဆေးပေါ့လိပ် half. When eating dinner, rice ဆေးပေါ့လိပ် luxury and discretion. The tobacco bed at the end.
When you examine the child ဆေးပေါ့လိပ် day, taking a roll Mainly from your meals, just one drink Drinking luxurious calm.

Many people, including non-smoking image. No boundaries and do not want to drink, drink

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