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Arakanese coins, and the latter's days Hongsawatoi White Elephant Myanmar, more than 9 in (about 154 CE) on Mon rare coins. Mon coins airport coins are known. The coins of the airport Hin toy stamp mark.
Excludes a ဆာအာသာ 'Coins of Arakan, Pegu, and Burma "Rakhine, Bago and coins in the book" Shock near Bago, grilled conch shell and from eggs Or wheeled carriages, old coins found with photo. Moreover Tenasserim point of tin and lead. Badge coins found in old newspaper. The label on the back of the coin (c) which reserves ပါဠိဘာသာ. Remove the Pali which is filled with all the peaceful and wellbeing center, meaning the lawsuit.

Nyaung marked warrant used under the new dynasty coins, but there is no marker image position. Konbaung Dynasty days Bodawpaya has emerged in the beginning of the year, more than 114 coins.
Bo, a representative of the British East India Company who brought Captain Cox metal coins. Then, England had never been to the land of rabbits coins cast in Myanmar in 1143 and turned on a Works started in the capital of Amarapura gold metal. One of the fathers till the days of metal coins with silver metal on the other side of the coin Bodawpaya Monday gender, physical appearance, and other 1146 subtitles Amarapura, the owner of the White Elephant. Bronze on the other side of the metal coins are your Monday 0 tag end around the edge of the 6 to a thickness of two to five. '
Appearance in and around the edges on one side with polka herbal stroke Bodawpaya reference to 1143 full တပို့တွဲလ more than 14 days the paper chairs. The bronze coins was reinstated in 1174, and spent 28 years. These two coins called Amarapura era coins. The coins 2 brand, as well as over the rest of the silver coins and copper coins were still used. Bodawpaya all the coins in the economy today, Half an inch, One purpose, Camus' chairs. Under Bodawpaya coins Arakanese coins, Wei Li coins 4 Indian coins are coins.

Shwebo metal coins are made under the law, around the side and the rabbit toy Printed across the lotus ပဒုမ္မာ.

Pagan days out on the other side of the coins are sealed over the rest of the press and on the other hand, Buddhist Era 2390 inscribed.
King Mindon coins metal factory in the capital of Naypyidaw, Mandalay was built in the north of the pure ဟိုရ် made Myanmar in 1227 over the full တန်ဆောင်မုန်း coins metal factory was opened on 9 coins did not begin to shed.
The gold coin factory, silver, copper, Manufacture of tin and lead coins from ဒေါင်းတံဆိပ် three silver coins stuffed Mindon's reign, has been produced since the beginning of the year 1214 click. The days of the Mindon and Thibaw produce coins, worth approximately 28 million chairs.

Mindon metal coins are made in cash in the days of economy today, Half an inch, one fourth One drunk Plus five. The label on the other side of the coin on the other side of having to download the document and form Yatanarpon Naypyidaw around the edge of the paper on which one already.
1 coin between 1214 added the paper. Download ဒေါင်းတံဆိပ် copper coins, toy metal on one side and the beginning of the year 1227 under the Yadana Naypyidaw and 1 three-quarter of the coin contains the document.

In addition to the coins in 1228 and contained Yadanabon paper lion coins Rabbits form the beginning of the year 1231 under the form in which a quarter of other copper coins and coins, rabbits The injected material and a brand of food and other products used an image of eight papers, Under this document, Under this 1240 paper that shed coins.
Mindon coins Professional Learning Scholars still sent to France.

The English-third after the 1885 war erupted in the British army in coins plant images on coins want to go to pick up their toys and drag across ဥ့ happens. The Dow earn coins when allowed to continue until 1892 as a great governor punish the king remember the Dow cut coin images. Save the corresponding SOL command. Pow Supplier accountability report of Benin W. ဘတ်် Jim Dow and cut half an inch stuffed drams (76) Other items taken has been auctioned in the house with three coins each cut Figure 1, Box 15, British military officials said the purchase, according to the show, then, သရက်မြို့ officials cut a box to sell its spread into the hands of all the services. Such move will cut reached its limit, call for specific .

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