term of the fiscal year

2년 전

Yangon City Development Committee barrel until the end of March this year in seven licenses were granted than ten thousand five Rangoon Maung Maung Soe said.
Yangon City Development Committee, There are seven and Planning Department, aims to license food, The service, guesthouses Boarding ဆောင်် Personal shopping Vehicle sales wander Temporary theater license permits the nucleus. The license for the term of the fiscal year, once a year with the city governor said.
The license dropped by the most in more than fifty thousand licenses were granted 46.011.

'' Shops, and if it comes to this, the G & G ABC, One Stop Mart This type of license, Convenience Store, explained, '' the mayor said. Food second license is allowed a maximum of 8.408.

451 licenses of hotels and boarding 360 includes a license, he said. In addition, the private market, 86 Vehicle sales wander license 174, The construction of the temporary theater license allows 26.
'' Restaurant, and a license is issued for a drink in the license. Convenience Store shops where the question is why there is a large amount in the list because the Mini Market. Super Market. Add a list of Shopping Mall. The type of license their own property markets in the future, '' the mayor said.

May 17 MPs today Lanmadaw Township Constituency (1) in the assembly of Aye Aye Mar Townships in Rangoon 'data, shops, markets, Food shops, Mini-Market on the question about the business license of the query and the mayor replied.
In addition, for businesses to apply for licenses as text messages, If you follow the discussion is being carried out by summoning the office first charged until ကျူးလွန်ပါက closed again charged up to get permission (or license). Undertakings

Recommendation sitting in applying for licenses from the nearest environment, Relevant Fire The electricity, General Administration Department, Relevant police, Ward recommendation of the administrative, Business and public organizations supported by the recommendation of the Ministry, the Minister said.
In addition, the construction of a new building permit, obtaining permission to prepare if လုပ်ငန်းလိုင်စင်ထုတ်ပေးမည် forsaken System The sewage system, Garbage forsaken System Events in his area, Do not use field selling licenses, according to Maung Maung Soe said.

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