valuables on Fifteen

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If you love the tree, the egg can be found again. I love the people who dig and I love to see the color of the eggs are able to estimate the color evenly. Love from eggs, garlic, eggs and similar called onion hate only themselves.
About six inches to a foot in the earth dug up. Love then proceeds to dig into the raw eggs and dried. June July are the rainy season, drying carefully dried. If the six-day drying rot away. As a result, the valuables on Fifteen and a fire was dried.

If a seeker of love eggs a week Sunday, Two weeks is about average viss. Some also unfortunately do not find love until the end of the season.. Until the end of their food.. The complementary food, People had the opportunity to return in vain. You'll see where discovered this year, next year can not tell -as. In addition to the diligent effort, therefore I can not see the little egg.
If you loved the findings presented to the exact places in Burma Nam miles origin, which are tributary river Sein Khoo Wan Dun Wang River rises in the mountains picked and Malikha rises. Putao, Kachin State, northern swing. It will not be found in any other location. According to Wang, , Just one, Love not only Tibetan and Lisu ethnic eggs exploration.

Jim Falls, Alley, Swing Shan are not out of love, they have not come to the region.

I came out of the best and most consumed Tibetan border in the country's most extreme section of Wan regions of origin. This grazing ground to begin drilling are found in Tibet, windy coasts gel ဝေါင်း origin, the origin and the origin, Walls of bamboo are urban Tibet. The annual Little Tibet during the excavation of a group of up to one hundred fifty people, there are three or four visits Rage region using drilling will allow Burma ethnic incoming year.

Came out of the second-largest area of ​​Dun Wang, the river flows into the Amazon River and won 4 of its origin stick mountains of the children drink water and Confluence. Ring of this region from Myanmar's ethnic grazing place. Dun Alan Wong's other tributaries of the Gam River originates in the mountains of the region and the United Kingdom Zealand part of Tibet Tibet borrow large grazing field and lower mining region of Burma.
Sein Khoo Wan origin regions of Tibet-in-law's "Heights" from Tibet and their races are both mined.

Dun won only one other tributaries of the river, Wang origin Impregnate Wan Valley Road, etc., and particularly around the waist regions Tibet workers grazing grounds. Its a hole in their areas on the southern side. Malikha picked origin "in the region" totally from their grazing grounds of ethnic figure.

Types #
Roughly, I found three eggs in Myanmar. Blank vomit through the region that I love the most precious eggs. The stem is used to produce long earth. And a height of about four earth usually leaves only two leaves. You can discover who understand this type of occupancy. I love eggs.

The second type of love pour vomiting. Even at the height of about three feet. If a plant flowers usually open three or four. The three colors. The first white, Near the second purple fall into the red or yellow, strange changed. I love eggs seekers from such a color change to yellow or red, do not dig a little egg. Anna loved the group. Even an egg. Love the first drilling on the garlic-like white men. Scanning and eventually needed by putting the color white. All day. If viss in each well.

Price and trade

The author served Putao move from Putao dried eggs sold in the marketplace, love အထုပ်ကလေး ASK price in about five ကျပ်သား child found something with $ 15 in sales package. You can put many resources "before the seller. Now shift the market since China started to send infantry, much the way I do, "he said.

Yunnan governor whether the trader to buy a big fan of Little Egg collective work. Like grain in rural areas of Myanmar, capitalists and The large flowers a little salt to the exploration, Costumes, Ham, tea, Provides cash advance etc. I love eggs are often taken while on visit.
I am somewhere in the price and location, Year and the year are different. In 1956, seven years viss in Putao, 2 K Author served viss in the period of 6 (2) 3, K ဝဝဝဝ Higher than now

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