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Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam or better known as Aceh is a province on the tip of the island of Sumatra. The province has an incredible natural beauty, ranging from beaches to mountains. After suffering the devastation caused by the tsunami in 2004 in part of its territory including its tourism place, Aceh again rose and rearranged its tourism sector well.
Planning a vacation to Aceh? Already knowing where to spend your time? In order not to be confused where to go, see first 5 attractions in Aceh are worth a visit the following:

mosque built by the Sultan Iskandar young in the year 1612 this has been the icon Aceh. main building mosque White with the Dome big black surrounded by seven tower. impression magnificent the feels the presence of a large pool and Fountain in the front of the mosque reminiscent of the Taj Mahal in India. mosque this be a religious tourism in Aceh who visited by many as its beauty. site Huffington post post a mosque Kingdom baiturrahman into the list of 100 mosque the most beautiful in the world, even yahoo! call this mosque as one of 10 mosque the most beautiful in the world. it is of course the make proud Acehnese and Indonesia. if you want to buy a gift, you can come to the market Aceh located in the back of the mosque. after satisfied around, you can traveled culinary because there are many food vendors in this market.

the nature this one love to be missed. waterfall blang pool is located in the village sidomulyo, Aceh North and can be taken within 30 minutes from lhokseumawe. here, you can see the waterfall twin with a high 75 meters surrounded by a shady trees. around waterfall, there are many people who water play, soak in the pool bin waterfall or just relax in tepiannya. if you want to feel different experience, try to come by bringing perlengakapan camping you. in Niagara blang pool, you can camping and enjoy the outdoors with rates 5.000 dollars per person. tourist attractions in Aceh this not only offers its natural beauty, but also offers low prices. you pay enough 2.500 dollars per person to be able to go and proves the beauty of the waterfall blang pool.

Niagara this is in the village suhom, district lhoong, Aceh great. in order to achieve this resort, you must be passed to the streets heaving Mountain views Paro and kulu. in the midst of trip, don't be surprised when see a lot of monkey wandering the road. monkeys this usually ask fruits or snack else on the road users passing. waterfall as high as 50 meters is divided into three level, but you are not allowed to go up to the level of two and three for the reason for the safety for their power plant-voltage high. However, tourist attractions in Aceh still present the superb views. you can swim in Lake as deep as two feet down waterfall or accompany children water play in the pool boy. not want to play water? please relax in gazebo that has been provided while enjoying the food sold around the location of the waterfall.

Acehnese do not need to be jealous of Bali which has many beautiful beaches because in Aceh there are also many beaches with amazing scenery. One of the reliable beach resorts is Lampuuk Beach. This beach is also known as Kuta Beach in Aceh.

Lampuuk beach has a coastline 5 km from south to north with soft white sand and coral cliffs at the end of the beach. Many activities you can do on this beach from surfing, sunbathing, swimming and also playing banana boat.

One more interesting activity you can do in this resort is to see the effort of turtle conservation. You can also remove the turtle into the open sea. Exclamation, huh? Holidays while preserving nature.

If you are not satisfied to enjoy Lampuuk Beach in a day, you can stay at the cottages in the coastal area. In addition to longer enjoy the beauty of this beach, you can also satisfy the stomach with a variety of grilled fish dish in the stalls around the beach.

Lampuuk Beach is located in Meunasah Mosque Village, Lhoknga, Aceh Besar. The admission price is 3,000 Rupiah.


tsunami ever hit Aceh in 2004 leave a funeral for Acehnese survivors. memory of all at once respect fatalities built a Museum tsunami in the way the Sultan Iskandar young in 2009. in the Museum, there is a long hallway with roar waves and kucuran water will remind you on the catastrophic it. tourist attractions in Aceh this visited by many travelers who want to see what are the left of the tsunami waves. many objects the rest of disaster display like bike owned victims. in addition to objects the rest of the tsunami, no photos fatalities and the story of the testimony of survivors also simulation tools electronic earthquake. Museum was built as a Center of education and shelter if tsunami coming back. Museum open every day except Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

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