Drawing DOG

2년 전

Drawing DOG

hello, i have this new drawing for today
a beautiful DOg and he also looks kind
i found it's picture and decided to draw it for my daily practices about drawings with pencils
i hope you like it , i add the link of it's picture under my drawing
dogs are awesome , we were in a garden and we had so much fun , there were some interesting animals there ,at midnight they came out and we could watch them ,wild animals , :D
also here there are some wild dogs that we can hear their voice !at midnight , it's like they are huge wolfs , sometimes they make scary noise . but again they are calm whole day .
here is my drawing


let's see some process pictures

Screenshot (547).png

Screenshot (548).png

Screenshot (549).png

Screenshot (550).png

Screenshot (551).png


i hope you enjoyed to watch these works

Here you can see some of my works in this GIF :)


i made this GIF with one of my digital arts :)



have a very beautiful day and see you next time! tomorrow! :)

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Nice work Keep it up Curated By Upmewhale!


❤️ that is great thank you so much 🌺 😊