Basic Techniques how to play Basketball and Understanding

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Basketball is a ball sport that uses a basket or ring as a place to score numbers. This sport is done by two teams, each consisting of 5 people so called as a sport ball in groups. Both teams compete with each other to insert the ball into the opponent's ring / basket. Basketball can be done indoors or outdoors. According to Ahmadi (2007: 2) basketball game is a simple game, easy to learn and mastered perfectly which also demands the need to do a good exercise (discipline) in order to form teamwork.

Basic Techniques of Basketball Games

Each sport has basic techniques that must be mastered in order to play it properly. For an athlete in particular, they have to undergo several stages of coaching and training. In this period of coaching and training they are taught how to do the basic technique properly. The basic technique in basketball game, which is as follows:

  1. How to Hold the Ball

Although it seems something simple and often underestimated but holding a basketball is not arbitrary, there are techniques to be done so that the ball is really in control of our hands and not apart.

The basic techniques of holding the right basketball, are as follows:

Hold the basketball with both hands
To hold the ball both palms should be opened wide as does holding a large bowl
Both palms are on the right and left side of the ball and are slightly behind
The fingers are stretched all out and attached to the center of the right and left sides of the ball
Both legs opened wide, positioning one leg slightly forward
The body is slightly leaning forward and the knee is not rigid (relaxed)

  1. Passing and Catching (Throwing and Capturing Ball)

Throwing and catching the ball (passing and catching) is a movement that refers to giving and receiving feedback between players in a team. Basketball has a very fast game rhythm therefore good teamwork is needed in this game to score. Giving and receiving feedback will go smoothly as planned only if the team has a solid teamwork.

How to catch a ball

Grab the ball with the palms of your hands wide open and the fingers outstretched
As soon as the ball is in the palm of the hand, grip the ball by stretching the finger as wide as possible to the side of the ball as it is pulled backwards towards the body

Throwing the ball (passing) consists of 5 ways, among others

Chest Pass: throws the ball from the chest position
Overhead Pass: throws the ball from the position above the head
Bounce Pass: throw the ball by bouncing the ball to the floor
Baseball Pass: throws the ball from above or behind the head
Behind Back Pass: throws the ball from behind the body by bouncing to the floor

Dribbling .

According to Ambler Vic (1990: 10) dribble in the game of basketball is a movement to bring the ball by bouncing it to the floor. Based on the notion put forward by Ambler Vic, it can be concluded that dribbling or dribbling is a way to bring the ball by bouncing it to the floor which can be done with two hands or one hand alternately both while running fast and half running. One important point to consider in this dribbling motion is to keep hand control over the ball so that the ball is not seized by the opposing team.

Dribble consists of two ways: low dribbling (position below knee) and high dribble (higher position than knee). Both of these techniques have their respective goals of low dribbling to protect the ball from the opponent's reach while dribbling high in preparation for an attack to the opponent's defense area.

The steps to be taken to dribble, are as follows:

Bounces the ball to the floor with one hand
Controlling the ball in the fingers of the fingers, keeping the ball motionless with no direction
When the ball is reflected, the hand must follow the direction of the ball and as soon as possible to put the palm of the hand on the ball
When dribbling, the elbow of the hand should be straight while the wrist is flexed
The body should not be too upright but must be in a half-bent state, it aims to make it easier dribble
The head is perpendicular to the front, this is to see the opponent in front of the eye
Utilizing both hands in dribbling the ball, so that the ball is in our hands is not easily taken by the opponent to play
In dribbling, players can only reflect the ball to the floor after performing three-step movement. If this is violated it will be considered a violation, and the ball moves under the control of the opposing team.

  1. Pivot

Pivot is a movement to save the ball from the opponent's reach by doing a circular motion using one leg while the other leg as a shaft. Usually this pivot movement followed by doing 3 other movements that is dribble, passing and shooting.

  1. Shooting

Shooting is the core movement of the basketball game that is the movement to score points / points. Shooting or shooting is the movement of the ball directly into the ring / basket of the opposing team. This movement can be done using both hands and one hand only. Furthermore, the result of this shooting movement can produce different number of points that is 1, 2 or 3 numbers

  1. Lay Up

Lay-up is not a single movement but a series of movements to insert the ball into the opponent ring. This movement is done by stepping as much as two times then put the ball into the ring opponent. Lay-up is done on the right or left side of the basket. This movement is a movement of fire from close range. Lay-up is also called a floating shot.

  1. Rebound

Rebound is a movement to take the ball that failed to enter into the ring. Rebound movement is done by capturing or getting the result of a ball that had previously failed to enter the ring / basket by another player, either a player of a team or an opposing team player. Players from any team may perform this movement, either from the same team as the one entering the previous ball or from the opposing team. Rebound is divided into 2 types, among others:

Offensive rebound: Re-shoot the failed ball inserted by teammates
Defensive rebound: seize the ball that failed to be entered by the opposing team

  1. Slam Dunk

Slam dunk is the movement of the ball into the ring / basket with a floating body. Technically, this slam dunk movement is an improvisation of the shooting movement. Not all basketball players can do it perfectly to produce points. To be able to do this movement required the proportion of the body with a minimum height of 180 cm because this movement requires a high jump.

  1. Screen

Screen is a movement of a player who acts as an attacker in an effort to free his team mate from guarding the opposing team. Screen movement is done by closing the movement of opposing team players who keep a team mate. Then open the movement room of a team of friends that is by giving way past the back of the player who did the screen.

Basic Provisions Basketball Games
Basketball played by 2 teams, each team consists of 5 main players and 7 players of the reserve. So total players in one team is 12 people. In the basketball game, the formation of players is divided into 3 namely: 2 people as a rear guard, 2 people as a forward player and one midfielder.

The forward serves as an attacker in charge of attacking the opposing team's defense. The forward also helps the defender to block the opposing team from attacking his own defense area.

The midfielder is in charge of blocking or blocking shots from the opposing team, rebounding, catching ball or firing from a teammate while in the opposing team's defense area.

The defender is in charge of guarding his own defense area from the attack of the opposing team. Although functioning as a defender but this player can also come forward to help his team carry out attacks on the opposing team. The defender can also give a shot to a teammate or shoot into the opponent team's ring. But still the main task of the defender is as a guard or guard behind the defense area itself.

Basketball can be played in open space and closed room. The must is to play on a field that is specifically reserved for playing basketball. The field must be equipped with a rod-mounted pole and clear division of defense area.

How to play
In the basketball game there are 3 types of techniques that are the basic movement of throwing and catching the ball (passing and catching), dribbling (dribbling), and shoot / insert the ball into the ring (shooting). Both teams have the same right to insert the ball into the ring / basket.

Play Time Duration
The normal duration of a basketball game is for 2x 20 minutes net, without countless rest periods. Time off for 10 minutes, time out 2 times for each team in each round for 1 minute. While in a professional match (not a friendly match) if within 2 rounds the points of both teams are the same, it will be extended. This time extension can occur more than once, until the point difference is created. Giving time of this renewal is every 5 minutes.

There is a difference of professional class playing time with mini basketball games for children under 13 years old. In the mini basketball game, the ball is used smaller and lighter and the position of the ring / basket is lower. The duration of playing a mini basketball game is 4 x 10 minutes with 3 breaks.

In the game of basketball there are two referees who will judge and manage the course of the game. The referee is in charge of blowing the whistle as the sign of the game begins as well as the sign of the game has ended and so forth.

Figures / points
Numbers / points will be given only if the ball goes into the ring / basket from above, not vice versa. If the ball is inserted in the shooting area, then the resulting number is 2. While if the ball is inserted from the middle of the field or outside the shooting area (area three point), then the resulting number is 3. While the number / point 1 is generated if the goal occurs from a penalty shot .

In basketball games there are only two core games that attack and defend. Surviving is an action taken to keep the defense from attacking the opposing team. The game of basketball recognizes two defense patterns namely the defense of the area and the defense of one on one between the players.

While attacking is an action to generate numbers or points. The only way to attack is to put the ball into the ring / basket of the opposing team. In order to insert the ball into the opposite team's ring / basket the thing to do is enter and break through the opponent's defense area. The moves that must be mastered in the attacking pattern are controlling the ball, giving and receiving feedback from a teammate, filling the empty game area of ​​the opposing team, attacking the opponent's team's ring / basket by shooting.

Rules of Basketball Game
Basketball has an organization that oversees the national level and FIBA ​​for the international / world level. One of the important tasks of this organization is to establish rules in games or basketball games. Rules are made not only for players but also for coaches, officers (such as referees) and so forth. Basically the rules of basketball games are issued by FIBA ​​and then PERBASI participate in passing the regulation to be applied in Indonesia. (Also read: heating function in aerobic exercise)

Next PB PERBASI (PERBASI, 2008: 96) issued 3 rules in the game of basketball, which is as follows:

Rule 3 seconds
This rule states that a player should not be in a forbidden area of ​​the opponent for more than 3 seconds, while his team is in possession of the ball in the opposite area and the clock game is running.

Rule 8 seconds
This rule states that the team that controls the ball in the backcourt must bring the ball to the front court within 8 seconds. When in 8 seconds this ball off the field because the opponent, then 8 seconds will be calculated from the time of the interruption.

Rule 24 seconds
This rule states that a violation occurs when the shot to the basket is close to 24 seconds and the whistle sounds when the ball hovers in the air and fails to enter. It is not considered an offense if the opposing team immediately get and control the ball.

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Benefits of Basketball Sports
Besides the implementation is better known for a game, actually this basketball game is still a sport activity. Sports activities certainly have a variety of benefits for health and fitness, as well as sports basketball. As for the various benefits of sports basketball, are as follows:

Prevent bacteria and viruses that are pathogenic, ie viruses that often attack the body with a weak condition
Build body balance
Build good coordination between body organs such as hands, feet, eyes and other body parts
Building endurance
Make the body so lighter and lively
Increase and maximize the body's immune system
Improve motor skills
Trained muscle flexibility
Improve dexterity
Helps to form a more ideal posture
Helps to lose weight
Improve brain function and performance
Prevent osteoporosis
Helps to stabilize hormones
Improve cardiovascular health
Helps improve concentration
Helps reduce stress levels
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Demikinlah my discussion this time about the basic techniques of basketball and understanding may be useful for us all.


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