Build a Magnificent Mosque of Five Chickens

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A mosque stands firmly on the banks of Jalan Gito-Gati, Grojogan, Pandowoharjo, Sleman. The building looks striking when compared with other houses or buildings around it. The road is not too wide, also makes a mosque built on an area of ​​1600 square meters looks magnificent.

Suciati Saliman Mosque, the name of the new worship place was inaugurated on Sunday, May 13 last. The mosque, named after the person who built it, is located on the alternative route of Yogyakarta City and several tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.

The mosque operates 24 hours and is equipped with air conditioning. In addition to its grandeur, the architecture of this mosque is quite unique.
The design integration of the Middle East and Java dominated the four-story building. Middle Eastern culture looks from the design of gold-plated doors along the edge of the door.

"This is exactly the same as the door of the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah," said Suciati Saliman when met at the mosque on Monday (05/28/2010).

The door of the Suciati Mosque totals nine pieces depicts the number of wali singoists who have spread Islam in the land of Java. The mosque also has five towers that represent the amount of prayer time in a day.

The pyramid-shaped roof design adopted the Javanese building. Bedug mosque measuring 170 centimeters in diameter 130 centimeters made of 127 years of intact trambesi wood from Majalengka ordered from craftsmen in Cirebon.

The mosque ceiling is made of cement fiber, while the walls and floors are made of marble. Estimated development costs are definitely not cheap, can reach billions and even tens of billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, Saliman, her familiar greeting, reluctantly mentions her nominal. He argued, has not calculated the total cost.

"This build from three years ago and paid also periodically, until now also still process, because there are still parts that are built, such as the library in the mosque," said Saliman nah that's the story of a build mosque started from 5ekor ayam can stand mosque is so luxury ... may be an inspiration to all of us thank you ....

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