Fasting in the Kingdom of Aceh

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this time will tell a little about the tradition of diaceh approaching the holy month of ramadan month which for the muslim must fast ..

welcoming Ramadan fasting in Aceh and now, looks not much different. Before Ramadan, for example, there is a meugang or makmeugang tradition. In this tradition, every family head is "obliged" to bring home meat to be cooked in their homes. Until now, two days before Ramadan, the market lined up meat sellers, especially beef and buffalo. This condition shows that there is something special in Aceh. Meat is something that is needed, both those who are and at the elite level, as well as the common people.

Not surprisingly, the need for meat is very high before Ramadan. This contributes to the price. As with the law of demand and supply, usually the price of goods will adjust to the needs. People in need of meat will buy meat, albeit at half-screaming prices. To the extent there is an impression from outsiders, that to see the highest meat prices, then Aceh is the place and ahead of time.

Actually the government of Aceh has issued a circular price of meat affordable by the community. In reality, the circular does not seem to apply. Less supervision. Then those who provide meat also depart from the issued capital and profit estimates. All these blends cause the price to remain as before; highest in Indonesia.

This condition is distinguished from the past. Moreover, in the past, Aceh is a self-sufficient buffalo known as the Aceh keubeue. Buffaloes become export commodities. At that time, when makmeugang, the need for meat was deliberately supported by the kingdom. The context is twofold: First, the meat is available and secondly, the price is affordable and even divided for the wider community of the kingdom.

In contrast to now where the needs of meat compete between the market support with the formula of sales. So the price is not controlled at this time. This is where the government should really regulate and supervise the price does not exceed the price that makes sense. If the government does not do such a thing, it is the same to leave this affair to market mechanisms, which implications to the people, especially the small people who should be able to eat meat even a little while makmeugang.

Departure from that background, interesting this paper wants to see how it is actually fasting and ahead of it when the empire. To know the condition, there are a number of historical records that describe this. In Takeshi Ito's dissertation (2013: 218) states that during the heyday of the kingdom of Aceh in the 17th century, the school that grew up in Aceh at that time was the Shafi'i school. Included in the early determination of Ramadan prefers rukyah (see the moon), from the reckoning (calculation). Before the fast arrived, there was one practice known to this day, which was done by the time of the Kingdom of Aceh, namely makmeugang. The term meugang or makmeugang is the event khanduri sign of the entry of Ramadan. This was written by Frederick de Houtman, the Dutch envoy who came to Aceh in July 1599, which was later captured by Admiral Malahayati and became a captive of the Aceh Kingdom for one year during the reign of Sultan Saidil Mukammil (1588-1604).


De Houtman noted that the atmosphere of welcoming Ramadan in the kingdom of Aceh is very lively and khanduri welcome Ramadan is held from the palace to the gampong, a sign of the start of fasting. De Houtmat also briefly noted that on March 15, 1600 AD, where at that time coincided with the 29 sacrifices of all the nobles wearing beautiful clothes overlooking the sultan in the palace. There stood a nobleman with the highest rank (Qadhi Malikul Adil) in front of the palace door, dressed in long white robes and holding a gold-plated shield in his left hand and a drawn sword on his right raised from over his shoulder. Then at Sultan's direction - Sultan Saidil Mukammil (1588-1604), his mausoleum in Merduati known as Kandang Blang - delivered drums beaten, blown trumpets, and cannons shot to the seven directions of the wind sign of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan (see WS Unger ed. De oudste reizen van de Zeeuwen naar Oost-Indie, 1598-1604 Th Haque, 1948 pp. 85-86).

There is another European nomad note in 1603, S de Weert his name, he had observed fasting performed by the people of Aceh, where only children under the age of ten were allowed to fast half day (fast net) and eat before the sun immersed. The sultan, according to De Weert's records, provides an iftar menu for palace guards, clerics, travelers and commoners. Although the people of Aceh fond of eating betel, but in Ramadhan month they fasted to eat betel new done in the next month (month Shawwal, pen.). At the time of the kingdom of Aceh scholars play a major role not only in the ceremony of determining the fast but also the guardians of the people in the enforcement of fasting shari'a. The function of the ulama at that time in addition to as pebimbing society also as judge in the application of Islamic law (Takeshi Ito, 2013: 220)

Based on the description, it appears that fasting is very special in Aceh. he has been prepared in such a way that eventually becomes a space for the people to rid themselves of the sins. At this time the momentum is most appropriate to be a Muslim who lives upright from various mistakes.

in the past, this condition has also been told Takhesi Ito. When fasting, people flocked to prosper the mosque by multiplying charity. Even for Takeshi Ito, the strict application of Islamic law has made Aceh a very powerful Islamic Islam in Southeast Asia and a trading center in Asia (Takeshi Ito, 2013: 6)

The prosperity of this mosque should really reflect the real life. Fasting can be a momentum in making a person to live according to amar makruf and nahi mungkar.

Thus, Ramadan is a God-provided means for a repentant and benevolent Muslim. Let us take advantage of this golden opportunity to repent. For no man among men is free from sin and error.

With the picture above, there is one thing that should be a great deal for the life of the present. Preparing for Ramadan fasting has been done since the past, including through the mechanism of meat control, the prosperity of places of worship, multiplying good deeds, should be exemplified by us in the present time

day motong.meugang

Meugang or Makmeugang is a tradition of welcoming Ramadan in Aceh. Tradition meugang done on H-1 ramadhan. On this day the heads of families in Aceh buy meat according to the composition of each family to be cooked at home. Then this special dish will be eaten by every family member with various dishes of Aceh. What is unique is that today there is no visible gap between the poor and the rich, because every house in Aceh will be steaming the same smell of smoke, the luster of meat dishes from the kitchen of every family's home. So for those of you who are in Aceh on the day of meugang not surprised to see in various markets will be a row of sellers of beef, buffalo, chicken, and duck, to meet the demand of meat consumers on the day meugang. Also for you who pass through the villages will smell the meat cooking that will arouse the taste. Meugang in Aceh conducted 6 days, 2 days before Ramadan, 2 days before Idul Fitri and 2 days before Idul Adha. According to an accurate historical version, meugang in Aceh started from the Aceh era of Darussalam Work. Where at that time every welcome the big day of Islam by the kings in Aceh do massive slaughter of livestock then the meat is distributed to every family to be cooked and eaten. But gradually, as the weakness of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, the division was not done again by the kingdom. However, for the people of Aceh, this tradition is continued despite getting earned by buying.

recitation of the night

Tadarus or Meudaroih unique traditions in Aceh performed by all

layers of society that are especially on the night of Ramadan. Tadarus performed tarawih prayer until late at night in every meunasah Kampung in Aceh. In fact, not infrequently there is also a continuation of this tadarus until imsak or when eating sahur has been done. The Tadarus Al-qur'an is performed by most men from the village youth by sitting cross-leggedly crossed with the method of a verse (chocolate verse), there are also children who have been able to study the Qur'an, also by them people old. Unique again this tadarus wear loudspeakers, funnel used to enliven this tadarus. But not seen anyone protesting with alasa can not sleep and so on. Even the parents in Aceh advocated their children to Meunasah to do Tadarus. When people in other areas questioned the mouthpiece during the dawn call, but in Aceh there was no protest when the mouthpiece was loud all night to blast the sound of the holy verses of the Qur'an into every home. Not Great ?? !!!

  1. Kenduri Khataman Al-Qur'an

Kenduri Khataman AL-qur'an is done in Meunasah in the same manner or openly together. This throng is brought by every individual in bantang. It's usually done 5 days or ten days in ramadan. Or there is also based on the ability to memhatam Al-qur'an by the troops meudaroih at night. So it is not uncommon if the Qur'an can khatam in 4 nights, then khataman kenduri will be made four days. This is certainly very beautiful, because it can foster persuadraan between members of the village community. And also keep the brotherhood that has been established. And the menu that brought to Meunasah was not half-hearted, because the wives at home have prepared the cuisine

best to eat by others in Meunasah.

  1. Flood Seller Confectionary
    If you go to Aceh in the month of ramadhan, then get ready to jam along the market path. Because the burial center of the fasting meal will be crowded by hunters of the fasting hunters. It is a tradition in Aceh before breaking the community on getting ready to buy snacks with a number that is not small. Where some of it may not be eaten and wasted away. So because of lust and do not want to lose with other people then buy with a lot is a pleasure. Oddly enough, sometimes some of the markets where the sale of snacks, more sellers than the buyers ..hehe In this confectionary market there are a variety of typical Aceh snacks sold such as boom rom-rom, timphan u and thimphan rich asoe, steamed cakes, short cakes, dhoi-dhoi, bhoih and others. If you come from outside Aceh, taste the typical food of Aceh fits perfectly in the month of Ramadan. Of course when it's time to break. This is Aceh when the month of Ramadan .. hehehe may be useful ... image


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