Beautifull Flower

3년 전


Be like you a beautiful flower is seen, but difficult to pick, Although you will wither tomorrow surely you will bloom again
Back beautiful and fragrant scent spreads affection and love.

The loneliness in my heart seemed to dance in the cold of night. It vibrates when the moon is incarnated in the night I want a beautiful love and I want a never-ending smile. Is there a love for a star who is always faithful to accompany the beautiful moon.

There is nothing exhausting about eating and drinking, but that's how God makes it so wonderful that you never get tired of doing it.

There will be no time and place to change your past, but there will always be times and places where you can change your future.

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Beautiful flower


Thanks you verry much brother :).
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You welcome

hey bro i got some beautiful flower on my blog , i think you'll like it


Ok. Now i can check you're blog :)