Oriza satifa

3년 전


Every life is secret, always bumpy and sometimes difficult to live. In difficult times, Words of Wisdom can be one of the greatest encouragement for yourself in facing all the problems that exist in your life.

All the problems in your life are not given for you to fall and live in remorse of the things you did wrong in the past. But it is one of the knowledge you must learn from the pain you experience. Learning that it is not a good thing or learning to guide your life becomes a better life.

In life there are many things to worry about if you live in a mortal world. But if you live more openly with the things that lead you into goodness, then you will not worry too much about what you did not have today or that you failed to achieve today. Because all the pain and disillusionment you experience today is not a shame but it is something you can use to learn.

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